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Small Office Decor Ideas 

With so many people working from home, the concept of a small, dedicated office space in the home is more popular than ever. Our small office decor ideas address some of the most common small office design dilemmas, including cramped spaces, defining work space, and storage. We've put together functional yet beautiful options that will help you create a small office area that's as functional as it is beautiful.

Taking Shape of the Space - Small Office Decor Ideas

Taking Shape of the Space

Use a statement rug in an unusual shape does double duty in a small office space to add pattern and color while defining your workspace. This rug offers plenty of space to move the desk chair while also offering a defined entrance area through the doors. Frosted glass on the French doors allow lots of light in while providing privacy.

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Tucked Away

Even a tiny nook can become a small office when you choose the furnishing wisely. Here, the desk is as simple and open as possible so it doesn't clutter the space. A comfortable leather chair can do double-duty for guest seating when you're not working. To create a smooth transition, choose a rug with soft, flowing pattern.

Tucked Away - Small Office Decor Ideas

The Geometry of Space - Small Office Decor Ideas

The Geometry of Space

When you tuck your home office into one end of the room, get creative to tie the room together. Open shelving and a sleek desk keep the room from looking crowded. The chalkboard wall gives you lots of room to brainstorm ideas in a way that seems decorative. To pull it all together, a charcoal rug reflects the adjacent wall color, as does the black chair.

Corner Office - Small Office Decor Ideas

Office Wall

You can create a small office right in the living room when you choose the right desk, like this small-scale beauty. The shallow depth and thin legs take up minimal space and don't intrude into the seating area. Cubby holes give you storage without bulk. When you aren't working, simply turn the chair around to add company seating when needed.

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Corner Office

Built-in shelves make an ideal home office space because they offer storage while making it easy to decorate. Add an industrial-style desk with a comfortable, no-nonsense chair, and you're ready to work! Here, we see a basic computer setup facing away from the shelving, which can help keep your focus on your work and prevent distractions. The low-pile rug adds warmth and character to the space while protecting the floor from the desk and chair.

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Office Wall - Small Office Decor Ideas

A Neutral Nook - Small Office Design Ideas

A Neutral Nook

Take full advantage of natural light to create an office space that's inviting. By sticking with soft neutrals like cream, gray, and taupe, you create a classic, refined atmosphere. A muted rug can subtly define your office area without overwhelming. Cluster plants on desk and floor to add dimension.

One Bold Piece - Small Office Design Ideas

One Bold Piece

Use a boldly patterned rug in dark colors as a counterpoint to a sleek, modern desk. The combination creates a warm, eclectic vibe without overwhelming a small space with too much furniture. Place your desk facing a large window to give you a beautiful view while working and minimizing distractions from within.

Integrated Office

You can spread out your office space along one wall without breaking up the comfortable appeal of your living room if you use color and accessories to your advantage. A bonsai and its pot in a deep rust shade reinforce the rich color in the medallion rug. If you want your office space to retain an inviting, homey feel, cluster accessories like candlesticks on the shelves and use decorative boxes to keep office supplies out of site.

Integrated Office - Small Office Design Ideas

Chic on the Cheap - Small Office Design Ideas

Chic on the Cheap

There's no need to invest in expensive pieces to create a small office space on a limited budget. You can pick up inexpensive mesh or cardboard holders for paperwork at any office supply store and put them on a window seat to create easy storage. A folding chair and clamp-on table lamp can quickly be stowed away when not needed.

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Long on Luxury - Small Office Design Ideas

Plant Life

Keep the window free of curtains in a small office to maximize natural light and create the illusion of more space by drawing the eyes to the view. Upholstered chairs with slender, exposed legs are in scale with smaller desks without sacrificing comfort. When upholstery and furnishings are simple, a rug with a bold pattern and strong lines defines the space and adds appeal.

Long on Luxury

Create a luxurious office space in a small footprint by keeping the scale small but the drama outsized. Bold strokes of vibrant color on a small rug clearly frame the office space in this room. Choose a small desk with Art Deco details peacock blue drapes in a heavy satin to create a stunning, elegant tableau.

Office with a View - Small Office Design Ideas

Kid's Corner - Small Office Design Ideas

Kid's Corner

Create a homework area for the kids by pushing a desk against the wall and surrounding it with inexpensive storage. Decor is a snap when you tuck small toys and mementos into geometric wall shelving. Used orange crates become bookcases and are easy to rearrange as your child grows. The unusual topography-style rug adds another touch of playfulness.

Small-Scale Office - Small Office Design Ideas

Small-Scale Office

When you have nothing but a short stretch of wall to work with, defining it as a workspace is crucial. This small rug in a muted Chevron pattern frames the desk without overwhelming the space. Keep your desk and accessories small in scale, such as the petite swing-arm lamp and sleek pencil cup. Less is more in a home office this size.

A Warming Trend - Small Office Decor Ideas

A Study in Black and White

A small home office space can benefit from a simple black and white color scheme. When you keep to just two colors, you have the freedom to add interest with texture and patterns. This richly detailed rug and the patterned chair seat are dramatic without being too busy. Add extra seating with cushions upholstered in various black and white prints, then complete with whimsical decor like the single, sleek raven shown here.

A Warming Trend

A small office area doesn't have to be stark or cold. A wood desk and accent pieces combined with an ethnic rug are inviting and serene. An ethnic rug in warm shades of sand, toast, and salmon will add a soft glow to the space. If you have an empty corner, use it to display an unexpected element such as this polished driftwood without interfering with usable space.

A Study in Black and White - Small Office Decor Ideas

A Furniture Fade - Small Office Decor Ideas

A Furniture Fade

If you want to minimize office furniture's intrusion into the space, opt for furniture the same color as the walls, as with this white desk and hutch that seem to fade into the walls. Make a small space feel expansive even when it's serving double duty as a living room and office with a unified color scheme. Artwork, shelving, throw pillows, and the office chair all feature a rich caramel color here. A vivid rug defines the seating area and adds a cozy feel while separating it from the office area.

Recycling Wasted Space - Small Office Decor Ideas

The French Connection

Don't be afraid to place a desk in front of French doors if your space is limited. In this setting, a lightweight table and chairs are positioned to take advantage of the natural light but are set far enough back to allow people to open the doors outward with ease. An offset rug subtly keeps the desk from looking like it's floating in space and links it to the rest of the room.

Recycling Wasted Space

The landing at the top of the stairs can become a small office with the simple addition of a desk and chair. In a narrow space, take advantage of natural lighting by eliminating curtains. For task lighting, a slender brass lamp works without cluttering the desk. Choose a rug that's long and narrow to draw the eyes to the office area without separating it from the rest of the space. Floating shelves offer storage without feeling claustrophobic.

The French Connection - Small Office Decor Ideas

Double Duty Office Decor - Small Office Decor Ideas
Design by Megan Dufresne, Principal Designer at MC Design

Double Duty Office Decor

For a home office in your bedroom, the solution is investing in elements that serve a dual purpose. The long desk/dresser combination along the wall and shelving above the desk can be used for office supplies or clothing. By placing the bed under the window, the end of the dresser can function as a nightstand as well. A playful rug in a vibrant print bridges the gap between the bad and the office area.

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A Study in Black and White - Small Office Decor Ideas

Sleek and Slender

Take advantage of a gorgeous view by placing a narrow desk under the window. To keep the space from feeling heavy, opt for a chair with thin, metal legs and a desk that's just as simple. The look is harmonious and peaceful when the furniture and accessories pick up the neutral hues in the room's oversized rug.

A Study in Black and White

A small home office space can benefit from a simple black and white color scheme. When you keep to just two colors, you have the freedom to add interest with texture and patterns. This richly detailed rug and the patterned chair seat are dramatic without being too busy. Add extra seating with cushions upholstered in various black and white prints, then complete with whimsical decor like the single, sleek raven shown here.

Sleek and Slender - Small Office Decor Ideas
Custom Contrast - Small Office Decor Ideas
Design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs

Office Transparency

You can visually maximize even the most compact home office space with the right decor. The clear, acrylic chair virtually disappears in this office nook, allowing a clear view of the art poster. The desk's lower shelves are open and unobstructed, lending depth by giving you a line of sight to the wall. Rich color in a tone-on-tone patterned rug grounds the furnishings and defines the office.

Custom Contrast

If you have a space tucked into one side of a fireplace or bookcase, consider have a custom desk designed to perfectly fill the space. This lovely desk is long on style and has plenty of drawers for storing things out of sight. Painting the wall in a high-contrast color frames this as an office area distinct from the adjoining shelves but blends with the room's decor.

Office Transparency - Small Office Decor Ideas
Design by Affordable Interior Designs
Keep It Comfy - Small Office Decor Ideas

Industrial Grunge Chic

A faded, peeling door becomes an art piece when propped against a wall. Feel free to place your desk partially in front of the door, especially when the desk itself is just as weathered. This small office decor focuses on rough textures - unfinished brick, peeling paint, and intricate pottery. Choose a smooth, low-pile rug in a clean stripe to add polish.

Keep It Comfy

When your small office space is in your living space, you can keep it comfy with soft fabrics and textiles like those used elsewhere in the room. A soft, fringed throw tossed over the desk chair and pillows stacked in a basket soften the edges of an austere desk. Lots of greenery add natural beauty.

Industrial Grunge Chic - Small Office Decor Ideas
Design by Farah Prochaska

In today's fast-paced work environment, our small office decor ideas can help you craft a workspace that's comfortable in even the smallest of spaces. Take your work-from-home status to the next level by moving beyond a laptop at the kitchen table with our innovative solutions for small offices with big energy.


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