Not So Moody Greys

Nina Holst, Stylizimo
Nina Holst

Writing about the color grey feels like writing about home, most likely because every room in my house has light grey walls with the exception of two bathrooms. The color is very close to what’s seen on the walls above; what someone once described as the perfect white/grey or grey/white. Yes, greys can be moody but they can also give depth and dimension to a space. Depending on the undertones, a good grey can make a room feel cool (blues) or warm (yellows). Or pair it with just about any other color for a beautifully inspired match.

Phil Durrant
Philip Durrant

Grey is most definitely the minimalist’s friend. White, black, and neutral natural tones love it and give off an incredibly chic pulled together vibe when put together. An interior look like the one above will transverse the entire year well, making summer months feel relaxed and winter months cozy.

Brandon Barre
Brandon Barré

The cool grey with blue undertones in these kitchen cabinets, paired with warm woods everywhere you look, make for such a welcoming space. The black metal stools pulled up to the island, and the two industrial nickel pendant lights overhead, do their due diligence while allowing that beautiful hue to really shine and be the superstar of the room. This is a fantastic example of creating what feels like an entirely separate room in an open space floor plan.

House Beautiful
House Beautiful

Maybe you’re thinking grey is just too boring for you when there are so many other colors are out there to experiment with. If that’s the case, let me remind you of just how many shades of grey there are (more than fifty, I promise). Grey offers you an entire spectrum unto itself that allows you to play with pattern to your heart’s content. You can nearly do no wrong – in the space above there are stripes, dots, and Art Deco! Because of the safe palette, you have a much larger margin to play within.


As well as grey plays with modern decor, it does so equally well with more traditional aesthetics. Looking to give a piece of furniture that’s seen better days a bit of a facelift? Look no further than your favorite dusty hue. Want to create a canvas of room to show off all of your colorful worldly possessions? Light grey, again. And of course if what you’re looking for is something cozy and stylish underfoot, consider a grey floor rug like the ones below!

Grey Rugs

1/ Surya Fowler   2/ Surya Corsair Blocked Off
3/ Couristan Recife Stria Texture   4/ Safavieh Impressions
5/ Dynamic Rugs Regal   6/ Kaleen Textura 

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