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Dynamic Rugs

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Dynamic Rugs

The Dynamic Rugs Story

Matthew Rouhanian, who comes from a long line of self-starting entrepreneurs, decided to take a leap of faith in 1994 when he quit his sales job in a rug retail store to go open Dynamic Rugs – a full-service wholesale distribution company. Starting out in the basement of Matthew’s home until 2005, when he acquired a 150,000+ square foot facility in Frederick, MD, Dynamic Rugs has and continues to grow and evolve, with no end in sight.

Whether it’s being at the forefront of fashion and trends, like with the Bali rugs, or collaborating with factories to come up with an innovative and brand new construction, like with Quartz rugs, Dynamic Rugs prides itself in always being at the forefront of the industry. Dynamic Rugs products are guaranteed to be the epitome of the co-existence of fashion and value.

Fun Facts About Dynamic Rugs

Numerous high-profile celebrities are the owners of Dynamic Rugs rugs, such as the silver Timeless rug and the ivory Silky Shag. Dynamic Rug rugs are also often featured in home decorating/design shows, magazines, talk shows, and you may even catch a glimpse of them in the beautifully decorated homes designed for reality television.

Noteworthy Area Rugs From Dynamic Rugs

Since fashion is constantly changing, Dynamic Rugs’ collections are also contemporaneously changing to stay not just in fashion, but ahead of the fashion. To Dynamic Rugs, fashion is a multi-faceted concept, encompassing color, design, motif, construction, comfort, value, and practical use.

  • Trending colors can be seen in the Dynamic Rugs Infinity collection.
  • Vogue Bohemian and Moroccan designs can be seen in the Casablanca and Metro collections.
  • The in-style Southwestern motif is depicted in the Frontier collection and the casual chic “sweater look” motif, popular amongst younger generations, is found in the Summit collection.
  • The Fresco collection uniquely uses shrink polyester and heat polypropylene in its construction to create a subtle and elegant conveyance of the trending high-low texture.
  • Comfort is easily found in the plush pile of the Paradise and Luxe shag collections.
  • Value is evident in the hard-twisted wool and viscose blend used in the Posh collection, which creates a high-end product without having it reflected in the cost.
  • And finally, practicality is found in the collections that can be used both indoors and outdoors, such as Veranda, Patio, Piazza, and Brighton.

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