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Adding a rug to any room is a fantastic way to showcase your personal style, but that vision can quickly go awry if the rug begins to curl up at the corners. Not only does this taint the room’s overall aesthetic, but it also presents a dangerous tripping hazard. Fortunately, even rugs with curled corners can be redeemed and further curling can be prevented through some simple techniques.

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  1. Why do Rugs Corners Curl Up?
  2. Using Rug Tape
  3. Using Heavy Furniture
  4. Using Iron and Steam
  5. Rug Corner FAQ

Why Do Rugs Corners Curl Up?

Rugs curl for many different reasons. Your rug’s corners could be curling because of exposure to high humidity or an accidental spill on the corner of the rug. As the rug dries, it sometimes shrinks at the wet areas and causes the corners to curl. Aside from moisture and humidity, rugs may curl because of the traffic going over that area and a lack of a proper rug pad or grip. Rugs tend to curl more frequently if they do not have a rug pad to keep them set in place, especially when the rug is placed on a carpet. These are the most common reasons why rug corners curl, but the good news is that salvaging these curling corners and preventing further curling is a simple process.

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Rug Tape

Rug tape is a popular option for keeping a rug in place and repairing curled corners. Rug tape is exactly what it sounds like: a double-sided adhesive that is used to firmly secure the rug to the floor. This tape is incredibly easy to install, cost effective, and long-lasting. The right tape can also be used to keep the rug in place on carpeted floors if you are layering a rug on a carpet. The one downside of using rug tape is that it may pull up some carpet fibers, but this is still a great solution for people on a budget.

Heavy Furniture

Heavy furniture is often used to anchor rugs in general, but they can also be used to undo a rug’s curling. If your rug is heavily curled at the edges, you may need to leave it under the weight of the furniture for a long time--perhaps even permanently. There are also some corners that the furniture will likely not cover. In these cases, you may want to use rug tape to keep these corners in place and flatten those rounded edges. This method is the most straightforward solution to keeping the corners of your rug flat, but there are other solutions that present more immediate results.

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Iron and Steam

Ironing and steam must be carefully considered with the rug’s materials and care instructions. The first step of the ironing process is to dampen any area that you’ll be pressing the iron to. Then, fold a towel around these dampened areas before you begin ironing the rug. This simple measure will prevent direct contact with the rug and avoid damaging the rug’s bindings. Using a towel is especially vital with synthetic rugs, which can be easily damaged by heat. Steam can similarly loosen a rug’s corners so that they can lay flat, but you must be careful in how close the steam and heat gets to the rug. Despite the caution that must be used with this method, it is the quickest and most permanent solution to fixed curled corners.

Turn the Rug Over

Simply enough, turning the rug over can also help fix those curling corners. If you see any portions of the rug not laying flat, you can set heavy objects like books or boxes on those areas to create that even surface. Keep the rug flat and upside-down as long as you need to in order to fix those curled edges. In a similar vein, you can roll/curl those corners in the opposite direction of the curl in order to flatten them out. Both of these methods are incredibly simple to execute, and so they are a great starting place for trying to fix your rug’s curling corners.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rug Corners

How to keep rug corners from curling up on carpet?

Rug tape is a very effective method for keeping rug corners from curling on carpets. When you use this method, you must choose a tape specifically made for keeping rugs on carpet so that there is minimal risk of damaging the carpet’s fibers. Alternatively, rugs pads can keep a rug in place and prevent it from stretching and curling. These pads not only add a secure grip for the rug, but they also add extra plushness, soundproofing, and longevity to the rug.

How to keep rug corners down on hardwood floors?

Rug corners on hardwood floors can be kept down through furniture and rug tape. Both of these methods are quick and easy solutions, but a better permanent solution is to use a rug pad. A rug pad will not risk damaging the floor beneath it; in fact, it will protect the floor and give a longer life to the rug on top of it. Unlike rug tape or furniture, a rug pad will keep the entire rug set in place and prevent wrinkling in other areas of the rug. With all that being said, the first two methods are not bad solutions by any means: you must consider what is best for your budget and the longevity of the rug/flooring in order to determine what method is best for keeping your rug corners down on hardwood floors.

How to keep outdoor rugs from curling up?

Outdoor rugs can be kept from curling through the methods listed above. Anchoring the rug with furniture is a great idea from the start, since this will keep your rug from blowing away. Outdoor carpet tape can also work with keeping your rug’s edges down and securing the entire rug on your deck, patio, or porch. However, outdoor rug pads or rugs with non-slip grips can also work well in securing your entire rug and preventing the rug’s corners from curling.

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Rugs may naturally curl depending on environmental factors, foot traffic, and by its simple construction, but that doesn’t mean you need to be stuck with a curling rug. The methods described above can repair curled rug edges and keep the rug from curling in the future. With this knowledge in mind, you can purchase and decorate with rugs indoors and out and know that they are safe, beautiful additions to your home.


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