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Rugs that don't shed

Whether your rug is new or old, you may be experiencing some light or moderate shedding. Fortunately, shedding doesn’t necessarily mean that your rug is damaged or was incorrectly made: some materials naturally shed at first. If your rug is prone to shedding, there are ways to minimize that shedding and lessen its duration. However, if you want to escape that hassle all together, there are plenty of non-shedding rugs to choose from as well. In order to choose the best rug for your home, it’s best to be informed of why rugs shed, how different rugs shed, and how to minimize any shedding that does occur.

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  1. Why Do Rugs Shed?
  2. What Type of Rugs Shed the Least?
  3. How to Stop your Rug From Shedding
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Why do Rugs Shed?

Rugs may simply shed because of the materials they are made of. Some natural materials like wool will shed at first because of fibers splitting and falling off. This doesn’t mean that wool is a bad rug material: in fact, it is incredibly strong and durable. It is simply more prone to shedding in the early days of the rug. In cases like this where the material is a high quality, the shedding will naturally subside over time. 

In other scenarios, your rug may shed because it is a lower quality. Low quality rugs may not have tight weaves and quality fibers, so they are more prone to shed in their early days and throughout their entire life.

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What Type of Rugs Shed the Least?

The amount of shedding a rug will have is based on the rug’s materials and construction. For example, handmade rugs tend to shed the least thanks to their tight construction and the fibers that they use. Below, we’ve created a brief summary of best non shedding rug types and materials. 

Flat Weave Rugs: Whether your rug is made of natural or synthetic materials, flat weave rugs are made in a way that highly discourages shedding. Since they do not have a cut pile or friction being applied to the ends of threads, these rugs typically won’t shed. If you want a wool rug that doesn’t shed much, then flat weave wool rugs may be your ideal option. 

Natural Fibers: Cotton and silk are two natural, non shedding natural rug options. These two fibers are often used in hand-woven, flat-weave, or braided rugs, so their construction and weaves all reinforce their lack of shedding and create hardy rugs.

What Type of Rugs Shed the Least? (continued)

Other Natural Rugs: Animal hide and leather are two other natural materials that don’t shed. Although many people associate these rugs with just being animal shaped or presented as a natural hide, rectangular and square rugs are often made of animal hide and leather strips to create very versatile, non-shedding rugs. 

Synthetic Rugs: In general, rugs made of synthetic materials like polypropylene, nylon, and viscose don’t shed. This is due in part to the machine-made nature of their rugs along with their man-made fibers. The only occasions where they may shed is if the rug is poorly made. 

Non-Shedding Jute Rugs: Jute fibers do tend to naturally break and shed in their early days, but there are non-shedding or low-shedding jute rugs available. These rugs often blend jute with other fibers to combat shedding. If you ultimately choose a traditional jute rug, there are many easy ways to combat any shedding and stop the rug from shedding all together.

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How to Stop your Rug from Shedding

Even with some of the rug materials listed above, you still may face some shedding in the rug’s first days and weeks. Some materials like jute, sisal, and wool are simply prone to shedding, but there are easy ways to manage that shedding and prevent the rug from shedding in the future. The simplest, most straightforward way to stop your rugs from shedding is to regularly vacuum the rug. However, there are other methods as well, including using a rug pad to lessen the friction on the threads and trimming loose fibers. In any case, having a shedding rug is temporary and the rug will lose less fibers as time passes.

There are plenty of rugs that don’t shed on the market to suit your home’s practical needs and aesthetic. Whether you choose a non shedding wool rug, a non shedding synthetic rug, or a material that may shed at first, you must carefully consider what material best suits your room in terms of comfort, durability, and longevity.


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