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How To Clean A Flokati Rug

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Flokati rugs are one of a kind with their rich history, unique production methods, and irresistible cushy texture. If you have a flokati rug, you’ll want to care for it in the best way possible. We’ve gathered the best recommendations for flokati rug cleaning from vacuuming to deep cleaning. Read on to learn how to clean a flokati rug.

Shake It Out

To keep your flokati rug looking like new give it a good shake. Any rug will benefit from a good shake out every now and then, especially flokati rugs!

  • Roll up your flokati rug and take it outside.
  • Hold the rug firmly by the corners and give the rug a powerful shake. Keep shaking until it looks like all the dirt, crumbs, debris, and other treasures have fallen out.
  • If you have a large flokati rug, you can ask for a few extra hands to do the shaking. Or, hang the rug over a fence or railing and then give it a good whack with a broomstick or other strong stick until all debris has fallen out.

Air it Out

On a sunny, no wind kind of day, let your rug sit outside for a couple of hours. This will allow the wool to regain its original oxygen. If you have a faux flokati rug made of synthetic fibers, this is still a great option to refresh your rug. Letting your rug air out helps to eliminate odors and kill hidden bacteria and mites.

How Do You Vacuum A Flokati Rug?

Frequent vacuuming is key to keeping rugs clean. When vacuuming a flokati rug use suction only. The beater brush of the vacuum can pull the long fibers on the rug which will cause the rug to wear more quickly, and in some cases, it can damage the rug. If your vacuum doesn’t allow you to turn off the beater brush then use the upholstery attachment to vacuum it by hand.

Spot Cleaning Your Flokati

Drips and spills are bound to happen. Keep your rug in top shape by cleaning spots right away--if you wait to clean spots, they may be much harder to remove.

  • Start by removing any excess water or waste from the rug.
  • Using a clean white cloth, blot (don’t rub!) as much of the stain as you can.
  • If soap is needed, use only a mild detergent that is made for wool. Remember to never use hot water as it can cause your rug to shrink.
  • Once your white rag is no longer pulling up the stain, make sure all soap residue is gone by using clean water.
  • Allow the spot to dry completely.

How To Clean A Large Flokati Rug

Have a large flokati rug that needs to be cleaned? Follow these steps:

  • To clean and revive your large flokati rug, spray the rug entirely with cold water.
  • Next, brush your rug using a metal pet brush. Start in the middle and work your way to the edges. Some flokati fibers may get caught in the brush and get pulled out. This is normal, but be sure to use a gentle hand when brushing your flokati.
  • Once the rug is brushed, shake it by the corners to help any other water and debris come to the surface of the rug.
  • Allow the rug to dry completely before putting it back in place.

For stubborn stains and spots, we recommend having your flokati rug professionally cleaned.

Alternative Considerations

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