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Rug Size Guides

How to Size a Rug for Every Possible Round Table Size

Working with a round table is quite different to get right than your typical square or rectangular dining table.  How much more space should you cover? How does the rug size change between a round rug, rectangular, or square? 

We've created this guide to help you size the most common types of round table sizes:

Learn About Each Size

  1. 36 inch tables
  2. 42 inch tables
  3. 48 inch tables
  4. 54 inch tables
  5. 60 inch tables
  6. 72 inch tables

48 Inch Table - Round Rug Ideas

How To Choose a Round Rug Size for Your Round Table?

The standard size guidelines for round table rug size are to make sure there's at least 24" on each size to accommodate the chairs. Some designers prefer to leave 30" around the table for more room, but the choice is yours. 

For the standard 24" around the table, you'll look for a rug that's 4' larger than the round table's diameter. This sometimes requires you to round up to the neared whole number to work with rug sizing standards. Here are some examples: 

  • Area rug size for 41" circular table: 8'
  • Area rug size for 44" circular table: 8' 
  • Area rug size for 48" circular table: 8' - 9'

To explain, the right area rug size for a 41" circular table would be 7.5' if you add 4', so you'd round your result up to a whole number for standard sizing, getting 8'. An 8' diameter will also be the correct fit if you're trying to decide what size rug to use for a 44" round table. 

As a rule, always round up, as rounding down will usually leave you with a rug that's too small. And a small rug can cause the back legs of the chairs to slide off the rug when moved back, creating the sensation of falling. 

Note: You won't usually use a rectangle rug with a round table, as the shapes tend to clash. But interior design is all about breaking the rules, so go for it if you like the look! You'll want to pick a rectangular rug that's 4' wider (not longer) than the diameter of the table for a good fit.

Round Dining Room Rugs- 48 Inch Table Rugs

How Large Should Your Rug Be for a 36-Inch Round Table?

  • How many people does a 36-inch table seat? 3-4
  • Ideal Square Rug Size: 7' x 7'
  • Ideal Rectangle Rug Size: 7' x 9' 
  • Ideal Circular Rug Size: 7' 

Now you know what size rug works under a 36 round table, regardless of the shape you'd like to use in the space. If you have room to use a larger rug, try adding 1' to the dimensions above to create a more elegant design.

Rug Size for 4-5 people - Dining Tables

How Large Should Your Rug Be for a 42-inch Round Table?

  • How many people does a 42-inch table seat? 4-5
  • Ideal Square Rug Size: 8' x 8' (rounded up from 7.5' x 7.5')
  • Ideal Rectangle Rug Size: 8’ x 10’ 
  • Ideal Circular Rug Size: 8' (rounded up from 7.5')

Again, just because you know what size rug works under a 42-inch round table according to standard sizes doesn't mean that you can't use a different size. Adding 1' to the dimensions will create a more eye-catching space, but you can also order a custom 7.5' rug to fit your table perfectly.

How Large Should Your Rug Be for a 48-Inch Round Table?

If you bought a 48 inch round table, what size rug do you need? Good question! Ideally, a 48" table should be placed on an 8' or 9' round area rug, providing 24" behind each chair so guests can slide in and out easily. Round tables pair well with round or square area rugs, so an 8' x 8' or 9' x 9' square rug would also work.

  • Ideal Square Rug Size: 8' x 8'
  • Ideal Rectangle Rug Size: 8' x 10'
  • Ideal Circular Rug Size: 8'

Many designers prefer a 9' rug under a 48" round table, but it's up to you and how much square footage you have available.

5-6 people Round Table Rug Ideas

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Round Rug Size

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  • How many people does a 60-inch table seat? 6-8
  • Ideal Square Rug Size: 9' x 9'
  • Ideal Rectangle Rug Size: 9' x 12'
  • Ideal Circular Rug Size: 9' 

So, if you have a 60-inch round table, rug sizes over 9' will provide enough room to move the chairs in and out. And if you're wondering what size rug to use for a 60-inch round dining table in a spacious room, try a 10' round rug or a 10' x 10' square rug.

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  • How many people does a 54-inch table seat? 6-7
  • Ideal Square Rug Size: 9' x 9' (rounded up from 8.5' x 8.5')
  • Ideal Rectangle Rug Size: 9' x 12'
  • Ideal Circular Rug Size: 9' (rounded up from 8.5')

According to standard design rules, the measurements above tell you what size rug works under a 54-inch round table. If you'd like to size up or order a custom 8.5' rug, though, go for it!

Round Tables- Dining Rug sizes
Rug Sizes for Round Tables

Can You Put a Square Rug Under a 48-Inch Round Table?

Square rugs work well under round tables, and as we mentioned earlier, an 8' x 8' square rug would fit a 48" table. Sizing up to 9' x 9' is also fine, and either option will be visually appealing because of the combination of the two complementing shapes.

Heading 1


  • How many people does a 72-inch table seat? 8-10
  • Ideal Square Rug Size: 10' x 10'
  • Ideal Rectangle Rug Size: 10' x 14'
  • Ideal Circular Rug Size: 10'

If you've invested in a 72-inch dining table, round rug sizes larger than 10' will be attention-grabbing. But beware of sizing up too much, as you risk overwhelming all about the most spacious dining areas. 

No matter your table size, we offer custom rug sizes at Rugs Direct, so you can have the fit you've always dreamed of.

Rug Sizes for Round Tables

Rug Sizes For Round Tables

Can You Put a Rectangle Rug Under a 48-Inch Round Table?

Rectangular rugs can and do work with round tables. The 8' x 10' rectangular rug size we suggested earlier would be a great way to add visual interest to any round table in your home. 

This combination can help complement accent pieces in the living space or add versatility during the holidays. For example, if you have family over, you might set up a kid's table to one side, rearranging so both tables can share the rug space.

Rug Visualizer

Want More Rug Size Info?

What sizes do rugs come in? How do I know what size and shape would look best? Check out our guide to rug sizes for help answering these questions. There, you'll find a rug size comparison chart for each room to help you decorate.


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