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The Novogratz

Cortney and Robert Novogratz, a husband and wife design duo, have been designing high-end residences and boutique hotels for over 25 years in Manhattan, L.A. and beyond. They strive to bring high-end boutique design to the modern family at an affordable price point and believe your home should be a reflection of who you are: bespoke, personalized and well-curated. We're excited for their newest rug collection in collaboration with Momeni and caught up with Cortney to give you the scoop on the new collections, how The Novogratz got started in design and some design tips you can apply to designing your own home.

Novogratz by Momeni

How would you describe your design style?

We’re often called eclectic, but our own design style is inspired by our love for art and travel. Design should be happy and fun. There is so much inspiration in this world that we can’t stick to one particular ‘style.’ Find things that you love and you’ll have a happy home. When working with clients we need to combine our style with their needs. The best design jobs are the ones where the client trusts our work and allows us to create.

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get started in the design world?

About 25 years ago, Robert and I bought our first property which, if you can believe it, was a distressed old gun shop in NYC. We couldn’t afford to renovate it, so we did the work ourselves with family and friends. We knew we heard our calling, but as we always say, we don’t know if we found our career or if our career found us in that moment. We learned about renovation, construction, design, and architecture all on the fly. When it came to designing, we trusted what we liked and what we didn’t. There were elements of luck and the rest was working hard, being nice to people, and a willingness to take a chance. Flash forward 25 years and we’ve had television shows on Bravo and HGTV, written four books, designed boutique hotels, home for ourselves, homes for celebrities and more. This past year, we’ve been working on two major projects. One in New York City and the other in the Bird Streets of LA, between the Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills. We’re still getting started in design and always look to the future.

Novogratz by Momeni
Novogratz by Momeni

We love art, and an artful home is important to us. Art can be a painting, but it can also be the rug, an amazing chair, or home décor piece that you simply love. Sometimes the rug is a supporting cast member, other times it can be the lead. What is most important is to have harmony in the overall design that can evoke emotion. If we can do that, we’ve done our job. We feel fortunate when we can inspire others to take a chance in doing that in their own home.

What’s your favorite space in your home? Why?

The living room. It’s where our family gathers to watch movies, sports, or a favorite show. Often times, a friend or family is over and it’s where we can casually relax and entertain. There’s always life and happiness in that room.

What does home mean to you?

Home is Art. Home is Family. Home is Happy.

Novogratz by Momeni

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Novogratz by Momeni


The rug is undoubtedly an artful moment and we love creating rugs with Momeni. We bring them our design ideas and inspiration and they bring it to life while offering a great value. They are always up to date on what materials and constructions offer the greatest value. With all our kids and our first dog, we need rugs that are durable and easy to live with. That’s ultimately what we want to create - boutique designs at affordable prices. A rug can be a precious heirloom, or it can be functional for busy family.

Do you have a favorite rug design in your collection?

If we had to pick, we’re really drawn to the Doheny collection. They are inspired by vintage traditional designs and have a timelessness to them. We are designing our next home near Washington Square Park in NYC, and the inspiration behind the home is Timeless Parisian. We created these rug designs while we were designing that home, so they feel very personal and came from a source of deep inspiration. We hope you’ll love them too.

Novogratz by Momeni

Favorite color? I know it’s not a single color, but right now I love metallic colors.

Colorful or neutral? Colorful.

Bold or simple? Bold. Take a chance. Be Fearless and Bold in your design.

Favorite home scent? Eucalyptus, from our time in California.

Texture or pattern? Textures.

Plants: real or faux? Real of course!


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