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How to Style Braided Rugs

the area rug for creating a warm and inviting room.

Design rules for braided rugs

Craving warmth, texture and coziness? Braided rugs lend a casual grace to the home ideal for families and relaxed spaces in a range of styles. And with the handmade and handcrafted look trending, now is a great time to enjoy the beauty and ease of braided rugs. Thinking of rolling out a braided rug in your space? Here are a few design rules to keep in mind:

  • The color palette of a braided rug has a big influence on what it says about your room and style. In general, multicolored braided rugs come across as more country, while solid braided rugs (especially in cool neutral hues) lean more modern.
  • We traditionally see braided rugs in cabins, farmhouses, cozy dining rooms, sitting rooms and bedrooms — but their casual feel makes braided rugs a good choice for nurseries, mudrooms and kitchens, too.
  • Braided rugs are a wonderful way to bring depth, warmth and texture to a room, and can make a welcome handmade touch in a modern space.
  • Because braided rugs already have so much texture, they pair well with decor that has a smooth look like leather, stone and polished wood.

Braided rugs make a natural partner for farmhouse and Americana styles — but the appeal of braided rugs reaches beyond the rustic. Here are a few of the decor styles braided rugs work best with:

  • Farmhouse
  • Classic Americana
  • Shabby Chic
  • Rustic
  • Modern

Get the Look

Not sure how to style a braided rug? Get inspired with these ideas.

  • Get an updated farmhouse look with a neutral braided rug paired with “greige”, crisp white or pale blue walls, reclaimed wood furniture and vintage wall art picked up at a flea market.
  • For warm and cozy Americana style, pair classic black Windsor chairs with a wooden farm table and traditional braided rug in shades of red, rust and brown.
  • Get the shabby chic look with a soft blue or pink braided rug, vintage chippy painted wood furniture and white slipcovers.
  • Craft your own cozy rustic cabin getaway with an oval braided rug, chunky log cabin-inspired furniture, toasty warm woolen blankets and a blazing fire in the woodstove.
  • Bring warmth and texture to a cool modern space with a solid-hued braided rug in cream, beige, grey or blue, and ramp up the textural contrast with a cozy sheepskin, glass or acrylic coffee table and wool accents.
  • Accent mid-century style furniture in natural wood tones and crisp white walls with a warm and cozy braided rug.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to your decorating dilemmas from our interior design experts!


Are braided rugs only for farmhouses?


No! While braided rugs do make a natural choice for farmhouses, these textural beauties can also work well in modern and contemporary homes. The key to making a braided rug work with your style is choosing a color palette that works with the hues you are already using in your space.


Are they more practical than stylish?


No! While there’s no doubt that braided rugs are practical, these rugs can also make a stylish statement in the right space. If you love the look of braided rugs, intentionally working one into your room’s design is a great way to infuse your space with warmth and texture.


Can I use one in a kitchen or bathroom?


Yes! Braided rugs are tough and durable, making them a good choice for busy spaces like the kitchen and bath. If you’re concerned about moisture, choose from one of the many indoor-outdoor braided rugs available.


Do braided rugs come in any other colors than the natural jute?


Yes! Braided rugs come in a wide range of colors, from soft neutrals to rich, bold hues.

Pick the Right Layout for Your Room

The most common shapes for braided rugs are oval and round, which work well with the construction method of piecing together multiple strands of braiding. Oval braided rugs work well beneath oval dining tables, in the bedroom and kids’ rooms; small rooms are best accented with round braided rugs. Rectangular braided rugs are also common, and this is a shape that works well in most rooms.

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