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Karastan Rugs

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The Karastan Story

The people of Karastan make Karastan rugs exceptional. In 1928, the brand began with the dream of producing machine-made oriental rugs that recreate the detailed craftsmanship of imported hand-woven rugs. The development of the Axminster loom, which is still in use today, allowed the creation of machine-made rugs that were nearly impossible to distinguish from handmade. Over the last five years, Karastan has redefined the meaning of luxury by creating collections of rugs that embody the rich history of craftsmanship and design while embracing new fiber technology. The demand for these rugs continues to be tremendous, and this explosive volume has allowed for more improvements to continue this path of innovation. The Karastan name is synonymous with quality, beauty and durability. Karastan controls every step of the manufacturing process from fiber to fashion and is still made in the USA.

Fun Facts about Karastan

  • 2018 is Karastan’s 90th Anniversary
  • The original power loom was developed in the early 1900s, by a New England inventor named Eugene Clark in Leaksville (now Eden), North Carolina. This loom is still used today and was the first of its kind.
  • To recreate the beauty and richness of an Oriental rug, Clark and his staff not only created a soft hand knotted visual, they also created dyes that would not fade and that could withstand a special chlorinated wash.
  • Karastan Axminster Woven Rugs are Hand Crafted Machine Made Rugs. Operators hand thread reeds so that the ends will be in the correct position to wind the spools. It takes 1440 spools to make a set of 9x12 rugs; it takes about 7 days to complete.
  • To prove the lasting quality of Karastan rugs, Karastan wear tested the multi-color Panel Kirman at the 1933-34 Chicago World’s Fair. An electronic eye clocked more than 5 million visitors walking across the rug during the fair. Afterwards, the rug was taken to the Karastan mill in Eden, North Carolina, where only half the rug was washed. One side remained almost unrecognizable, while the washed portion returned the rug to its original beauty of 50 skein-dyed colors.
  • Our best-selling Spice Market Collection is crafted from up to 100% recycled plastic water bottles.

Noteworthy Area Rugs from Karastan

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