A Rainbow of Rugs and Pillows

Rainbow of Pillows

A great way to add color to an otherwise neutral space is with rugs and pillows. A bright colorful rug will make a huge statement and transform the space, or for something less dramatic you can go with colorful pillows. Pillows can easily be switched out each season or moved from room to room. They are also easier to store if you want to pull them back out next year. Tengemoonbaco . . A rug is a bit more of a decor investment.

Rainbow of Rugs

When looking for a colorful rug, take note of the ones you are consistently drawn to. Is it typically a similar color palette? A similar style? If there is one you continue to come back to and you love it–go for it! Let the rest of your room evolve around your rug.


All Colors Pillow

Red Pillow

Orange Pillow

Yellow Pillow

Green Pillow

Aqua Pillow

Dark Blue Pillow

Purple Pillow


Red Rug

Orange Rug

Yellow Rug

Green/Yellow Ikat Rug

Green Rug

Aqua Rug

Dark Blue Rug

Dark Violet Rug

Pink Rug

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