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Why are Rugs so Expensive

When you’re shopping for a rug, you may be shocked at how expensive some rugs are. You may wonder why these rugs are so expensive, and how anyone could justify spending so much on a piece of tapestry. Well, there is a lot that goes into pricing a rug, and it isn’t just so the store can make money. The price of the rug is a reflection of its quality, rarity, and other unique facets.

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  1. Quality of Materials
  2. Craftsmanship and Handmade Techniques
  3. Design Complexity and Uniqueness
  4. Origin and Authenticity
  5. Size and Complexity
  6. Natural Dyes and Eco-Friendly Processes
  7. Limited Edition and Collectible Rugs
  8. Artisanal Workmanship
  9. Import and Transportation Expenses
  10. Brand and Reputation
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Quality of Materials

The materials used to construct the rug are a big part of determining the rug’s price. Natural materials like wool, cotton, and silk are more expensive than synthetic options, since these natural materials must be harvested and refined in order to craft the rug. Synthetic rug materials like polyester and polypropylene are naturally cheaper because they are manmade materials that can be quickly constructed and used. However, the quality, texture, and longevity of synthetic materials simply do not match those of wool or natural fibers. While synthetic rugs may last several years, a well-cared for wool rug can last decades. With that in mind, it’s easy to see how purchasing a more expensive rug ultimately pays off in the long run.

Craftsmanship and Handmade Techniques

How the rug is made also plays a key role in setting the rug’s price. Handmade rugs that are constructed by a loom, braiding, tufting, or hand knotting each have their own price thanks to the time and labor required to create the rug. Once again, handcrafted rugs tend to be more durable and long-lasting than machine-made rugs, so investing in a traditionally woven or knotted rug may be expensive at first, but the rug’s quality and longevity are both better with handmade area rugs.

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Queen Size Runner Rug

Design Complexity and Uniqueness

Design complexity is a factor mainly with handmade rugs. After all, the more intricate the design, the more the artisan has to do in order to create that pattern and create a cohesive design. There are also more knots per square inch (KPSI) required to create well defined patterns and drawings. That in turn means that the craftsman needs to create more knots and a tighter design, which requires more time and expertise. The time required and artisan’s talents are reflected in the rug’s final price.

Origin and Authenticity

Authentic Persian rugs are some of the most expensive rugs, since they come from a region rich in history and tradition. These rugs are typically handmade, use high quality natural wool, and are crafted by expert rug makers. These three facts are enough to raise any rug’s price tag, but along with that, these rugs have significant cultural value with their designs, history, and tribal/city connections. You are essentially purchasing a piece of history when you buy rugs from certain regions or traditions.

Round rug for queen size bed

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Queen Size Runner Rug

Size and Complexity

The larger the rug, the more materials, time, and labor were required to create the rug. In some cases, you may find a smaller rug costs more than a larger one. This likely comes down to the complexity of the rug’s design and the labor that went into it. A simple large area rug may be more affordable than an intricately woven and highly detailed small rug, so it’s wise not to compare these two very different rugs to one another when determining the value of each rug.

Natural Dyes and Eco-Friendly Processes

The manufacturing process behind the rug is another factor that impacts the rug’s price. Natural dyes may take more time and resources to create, but the resulting colors are a better quality and they are less likely to fade or wear off over time. Aside from the dyes, it takes time and labor to create the rugs in an eco-friendly way, which again impacts the final cost.

Round rug for queen size bed
Queen Size Runner Rug

Limited Edition and Collectible Rugs

Supply and demand definitely impacts the rug’s price. The more common the rug is, the less of a unique accent it is for the home. These rugs also tend to be mass-produced with machines and synthetic materials, so they are typically more affordable. Inversely, the more unique the rug is, the more expensive it is since you can use it to create a one of a kind space. Purchasing a one of a kind rug or a limited edition rug is like purchasing a work of art from a specific artist: that original piece will always have greater value due to its unique design and artistry.

Artisanal Workmanship

Hand knotted, hand woven, hand tufted, and hand braided rugs all require a master artisan. These artists often dedicate their lives to creating high quality, detailed rugs. That expertise and quality come across in the rug’s final design, texture, and durability. Since these rugs do take so much focus and work to create, it’s natural that they fetch a higher price.

Round rug for queen size bed
Queen Size Runner Rug

Import and Transportation Expenses

When you’re planning on home renovations or redoing a room, we recommend going into it with a plan. If you have your rugs picked out before you start working on the room, then you can purchase those rugs whenever they’re on sale and not feel rushed to buy the rug at a later date.

Brand and Reputation

Rugs from specific designers may have higher price tags thanks to the designer’s reputation, unique artistry, and devotion to quality. Buying a rug from a well known brand or specific designer is a great way to confidently purchase a quality rug and choose one that is unique to that brand or artist.

Round rug for queen size bed

Rugs can be expensive. There’s no use denying it. But those higher pieces are a reflection of the rug’s overall quality, craftsmanship, and longevity. These rugs may require more upfront in order to pay for them, but if you view the rug as a long term investment and a unique design element in your home, you’ll appreciate the rug’s cost and construction in ways you never could have imagined.


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