How to Mix + Layer Rugs

Desire to Inspire
Desire to Inspire

Floor rugs can be flat-out fun. Living in my first home with wood floors I’m quickly realizing this truth, as well as just how creative I can get by layering different sizes, textures, patterns, and colors. A new combination can be mixed and matched simply be moving rugs around between rooms for an entirely new look and feel.

One of my favorite ways to layer is to overlap a smaller rug on a larger one. There are no rules though — one can be plain while the other is patterned, one bright the other subdued, the list goes on. The look above highlights the smaller rug and coffee table in the center, but you could also opt to overlap on an edge. It just all depends on your own personal taste.

Apartment 34

Along those same lines, I love this use of two similarly sized rugs that could both be considered neutrals lined up perfectly on top of one another. The end result is classic and sophisticated.
At the other end of the design spectrum lies these patterned rugs; one distinctly more subdued than the other’s bold color and pattern. Yes, they just work so well together in this otherwise minimal space with limited color.

Camille Styles

Lastly, let’s talk texture…this is a great example above. The rougher jute rug layered underneath is perfectly complemented by the super soft rug on top. Another reason these work so well together is the neutral palette, including the patterns.

Would you ever, or do you already, layer rugs?


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