Neutral in the Room, Color on the Floor

Alvhem Makleri & InteriorImage: Alvhem Makleri & Interior

One of my favorite trends lately is the look of a relatively neutral-toned room with a large, eye-popping floor rug. There’s just something so nice about having your eye drawn directly downward before surveying the rest of the room and taking in all of the smaller details. I love the relaxed vibe that all of these elements create when brought together and can just about see myself relaxing on that couch with a cup of hot tea and a hardback.

DominoImage: Domino

This look can easily transition into just about any room as well. We’ve seen a living room, but how about a kitchen? Done and done. A clean backsplash, wooden flooring, and light cabinetry all welcome a jolt of color and pattern in their midst. (Worried about a rug in the kitchen? One with a pattern with help camouflage drips.)

Milk MagazineImage: Milk Magazine

This is one of my favorite examples. A sweet corner of a room with lots of light that sets off the natural tones of the different woods and leathers used within, all while giving ample focus to that beautiful shag masterpiece that’s front and center. I’ve always believed in keeping larger elements like wall color and furniture light and neutral and using art and accessories to really amp up your style!

Sulu DesignImage: sulu-design

I want to move into this living room immediately! The palette of the southwestern-inspired rug sets off the warmth of the other features and makes this space feel oh so welcoming, perfect for fall and the cooler temperatures that are starting to show up around us.

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