5 Ways to Use Area Rugs in an Apartment

When you are a renter, you may not be able to change your flooring, but a smart use of area rugs can go a long way towards creating a cozy home that expresses your personality — and (bonus!) you can take them with you when you move. Read on for 5 tips to make the most of area rugs in your apartment.


1. Define “zones” in a studio or open concept space. As seen above, area rugs are a great way to create divisions between different areas when you must use a single room for many purposes. A soothing neutral rug defines the entryway (and hides dirt) while a fresh blue and white rug creates a peaceful space in the bedroom area. Whichever rugs you choose, if you can see them all at once, it’s essential that they all work well together!


2. Change the look of a room with a large area rug. If you are tired of staring at dated carpeting, why not cover it up? Measure your room carefully, and choose a rug that will come to within a foot of all four walls.


3. Layer area rugs over carpeting to add texture and interest. If your apartment’s carpets aren’t dated, just bland, spice things up by layering multiple area rugs right on top. Choose rugs within the same color palette for a cohesive look.


4. Get a more polished look in the dining room. Apartment dining rooms tend to be small and, let’s face it, boring. Since you can’t do anything about the architecture, liven things up with a bold, patterned area rug instead. Indoor-outdoor rugs like this graphic gray beauty are a smart choice in the dining room because spills come right up!

5. Use rugs in the kitchen to hide dated flooring. For the kitchen, as in the dining room, choose an indoor-outdoor rug that can be easily wiped clean. Or go with a flatweave rug like a kilim, in a pattern that hides dirt and spills.

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