Decorating with Tribal Rugs

Tribal Rug

If there’s one type of floor covering that can easily find a home in any space, it’s the tribal pattern rug. Their earthy hues and knotted textures add warmth to bright, clean, contemporary spaces. Alternatively, if you have a more traditional interior on your hands, tribal rugs enhance the drama and intensity with their intricate patterns and rich sense of history.

Tribal Decor

This style of rug has its origins in the nomadic cultures of Central Asia, where textiles like these were used as prayer rugs or as decoration on floors, walls, and even ceilings. Antique handmade pieces are highly coveted items and as such are quite pricey, but today there are plenty of wallet-friendly options as well. No matter your budget or your taste, you can’t go wrong with a tribal rug!

Tribal Rugs

Shopping Guide: 1. Cotton and Leather Woven Rug 2. Black and Grey Tribal Rug 3. Bedouin Rug 4. Terracotta Tribal Rug 5. Blue and Tan Tribal Pattern Rug Images: Interiors Ideas & Inspiration