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Standard Oriental Rugs: A Sizing Guide

Oriental rugs have been around for centuries and the art of appreciating them hasn't waned either. Through the use of silk, wool and cotton, there are a variety of types and feels unique to each design depending on which country they're designed in. No matter the space in which you place one of these rugs you'll find they complete the room, providing warmth and a much needed textural touch to hard floors. With each room being unique and the flair of your style evident in every room. Our team has created a sizing guide that'll help make your life easier when building out your room with traditional rugs.

  1. Learn About The Standard Sizes For An Oriental Rug

    Dining Room Oriental Rug Sizes
  2. Living Room Oriental Rug Sizes
  3. Kitchen Oriental Rug Sizes

Persian Living Room Rug - Oriental Rug Sizing Guide

What Are Standard Oriental Rug Sizes?

The standard sizes for oriental and persian rugs vary depending on the room you place it in and how it’s layered with your furniture. For example, larger rooms like living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms often use rugs like 6x9, 8x10, or even 9x12 depending on the size of the room and how it lays with the furniture.

Oriental Rugs- Persian Rug Size Guide

Standard Oriental Rug Sizes for Smaller Rooms

For smaller rooms, you may use rugs as small as a 2x3 or 3x5 to accent a sink or doorway, while other rooms like hallways and entryways may call for oriental runner rugs. For round and square rug sizing, look back at the general sizes of the rectangular rugs, decide how your rug will work within your room’s footprint and layout, and then choose a similar sized rug that will work within that space.

Living Room - Oriental Rug Sizing Guide

What Are Standard Oriental Rug Designs and Color Palettes?

Oriental rugs come in many different types of styles, such as large central medallions, smaller vinework, and so many other ornate details. Plus, you have your pick of color palettes so that your rug’s style fits in with yours. So whether you’re looking for a vintage rug with a distressed pattern, something traditional with distinguished reds and blues, or other interpretations that can fit in with other styles, you have your pick in terms of patterns and color palettes.

How To Size An Oriental and Persian Rug

When you’re looking to choose a size for an oriental and persian rug, it’s essential to look at the size of your room and your layout. That will help you determine not only the size of your rug, but also the shape and how you plan on layering your rug with the furniture. Once those two factors are decided, you can choose the rug’s color palette, specific design, and material to fit best into your room.

Oriental Bedroom Rugs - Oriental Standard Rug Sizing Guide

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Regal Persian Dining- Oriental Rug Sizing Guide


What Is The Most Common Oriental Rug Sizes for a Living Room?

The most common oriental rug sizes for grounding your main seating area are 6x9, 8x10, and 9x12 rugs. Those rug sizes will give you options in terms of how you layer it with the furniture and give plenty of room to define that space.

Popular living room Oriental rug sizes:

  • 6x9, 8x10 or 9x12 is an excellent choice for larger living rooms
  • 4x6 rug or a similarly sized round rug can be a great fit for smaller rooms.


What Is The Most Common Persian Rug Size for a Dining Room?

The shape of your rug will often be the same as your table, so if you have a rectangular table, you’ll likely have a rectangular rug. The same applies to round tables. When you’re sizing your dining room table, there are popular sizes like 8x10 and 9x12 are often great for medium to large tables. Whether you have a rectangular table, a round one, or some other shaped table, you can find your perfect persian rug size by measuring the table and then leaving an extra two feet of rug on each side so the chairs have plenty of room to be pushed in and out.

  • Popular dining room Oriental rug sizes: 8x10, 9x12.
Persian Rugs- Oriental Rug Sizing Guide
Kitchen Rugs - Oriental Rug Sizing Guide


Choosing The Correct Size Of Oriental Rug

Choosing the correct size of oriental rug will depend highly on the size of your room and how you plan on having your rug interact with your other furniture. Oftentimes there’s at least some layering of the rug and furniture so that the rug feels grounded and tied into the rest of the room’s design.

Of course, that’s not necessarily an option when it comes to rooms like kitchens and bathrooms where you often can’t have a rug under cabinets. The key in choosing the correct size of your oriental rug is to look at your specific situation, how much space you have to work with, and what tone you want to create.


What Is The Most Standard Oriental Rug Sizes for a Kitchen?

Since kitchen layouts are pretty well defined, you have fewer options in terms of where and how to use oriental rugs. Standard oriental rug sizes for kitchens are 2x3 and 3x5 rugs, and the most common layout is to place one of those rugs in front of your sink or anywhere you stand still.

Alternatively, look at using an oriental runner rug if you have a galley kitchen or kitchen with an island to add comfort and style to those same areas.

Popular Oriental Kitchen Rugs:

  • 2x3, 3x5 are standard for oriental kitchen rugs.
  • Runners 2x10 for long kitchens and 3x8 are also excellent choices.

Oriental Bath Rugs - Oriental Rug Sizing Guide

Traditional Rugs - Oriental Rug Size Guide

Choosing The Correct Color, Material, and Pattern for Your Oriental Rug

Aside from the rug size and shape, you still have to consider what pattern, color, and material your oriental rug should be. The color palette of your rug should tie into the rest of the room with similar colors and shades that reinforce the room’s overarching tone and style. Likewise, the rug’s imagery should also connect to the rest of the room thematically. As for material, you have your pick with pile height, how durable the material is, if the rug’s handmade, if it’s machine-washable, and so on. Consider your situation and choose the material that best fits your practical and stylistic needs.

Round Persian Rugs-  Oriental Standard Rug Sizing Guide

What Sizes Do Persian Rugs Come In?

Fortunately, Persian rugs come in a variety of sizes and shapes. These rugs can range anywhere from the smaller 2x3 and 3x5 rugs all the way up to 12x15 rugs. No matter what look you’re going for or what size room you’re working in, you have plenty of choices with the rug’s size and shape, designs, color palette, and other aspects so you can find your perfect rug.

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