How to Style Natural Fiber Rugs

Explore eco-friendly rugs made from natural fibers that are strong and naturally beautiful.

Natural Rugs from Rugs Direct

Create a Luxurious Look Using Our Premium Natural Rugs

Natural rugs have the ability to transform even the coldest, most impersonal home or office into a welcoming, warm environment. If you feel like your indoor space could use a personal touch, consider adding one or more rugs made of first-class natural fibers, which ensure the highest level of comfort for your toes.

Discover a Plethora of Popular Natural Fibers

While synthetic fibers are easy to clean and dry quickly, natural fibers come with an endless list of advantages. They are woven from ultra durable threads ranging from silk, wool, mountain grass, sea grass and sisal. Each of these materials gives you plenty of reasons to fall in love with the exceptional look and feel of natural rugs. For example, sisal has antistatic properties and is resistant to stains; therefore, this fabric would be the perfect choice for high-traffic areas or your kids' rooms. Wool rugs reduce noise levels and are extremely durable. Available mostly in neutral and earthy tones, rugs made of wool match any decor theme and represent a smart long-term investment. Wool is an incredibly versatile material that can be used to cover hard surfaces in a number of high-traffic areas in your home or at your office. Sea grass products are not dyed, so they don't expose their owners to potentially dangerous chemicals. Moreover, these natural fibers are strong, resistant to most stains and spills and are also considered a great pick for people who suffer from allergies. Great natural fabric blends are used to create high-value rugs that can remain practical and elegant for many years in a row.

Choose the Natural Rugs That Are Perfect for Your Personal Space

Want to feel the nice touch of quality natural fibers under your feet? In this case, you would just have to choose the ideal natural rug for your home and office. Browse through the large array of appealing collections brought to you by Rugs Direct, identify your favorite materials and choose your favorite products available in the right size, shape and color scheme. Test your preferred items in your home for 30 days and stick to the rug designs that bring your indoor and outdoor spaces back to life.

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