kate spade new york

kate spade new york

her rooms are mix-and-match affairs of hand-curated pieces acquired from travels near and far. she loves to layer all things sublime, sumptuous and exquisitely formed (and hide the rest in a cabinet). creativity and cleverness are her most valuable assets. she’s not afraid to make mistakes. behind every door, color and humor abound - as do fresh flowers, (almost) always. her motto: buy what you love and you’ll never go wrong.

inspired by some of the company’s iconic patterns and colors, kate spade new york's collection of rugs, decorative pillows and throws present exciting and playfully sophisticated designs that encourage personal style with a dash of whimsical charm. tapping into its extensive print archive, kate spade new york chose timeless favorites to seamlessly transition from fashion accessories to the home. the collection of rugs, decorative pillows and throws tells a classic kate spade new york story through a sense of adventure and audacious femininity.

welcome to kate spade new york home.


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