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How to Buy a Rug for the Dining Room

Dining room rugs are beautiful accents that can round out your room’s entire design. Aside from showing off your style, dining room rugs can also serve the practical purposes of protecting the floor beneath the table from moving chairs and create a comfortable area for anyone at the table. To help you choose the best dining room rug for your home, we’ve created a guide detailing how to place rugs, how to choose the best shape for your rug, and considerations with rug designs.

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  1. Understanding the Purpose of a Dining Room Rug
  2. How to Choose the Right Size Dining Rug
  3. Why Selecting the Right Shape is Important
  4. What Material Considerations you Should Consider
  5. Why Color and Pattern Selection Matters
  6. 3 Practical Tips for Placement
  7. How to Look After Your Dining Room Rug
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Understanding the Purpose of a Dining Room Rug

Before going any further, you may be wondering why you should add a rug to your dining room. Well, a dining room rug is a great way to infuse your style into the room with colors, complementary patterns, and soft texture. A dining room area rug can also create visual balance with the size of the room and your dining room table set. In addition to these style aspects, your rug can also add comfort to your room and protect your dining room floor.

How to Choose the Right Size Dining Rug

The size of your dining room table will connect to your dining room table. Ideally, your dining room rug should mimic the shape of your table and extend between one and two feet past the sides/edges of your table. This will provide plenty of room for your chairs to be moved on the rug and ensure that the chairs are on the rug at all times. Following these guidelines will also help you scale the size of your rug to your table and the entire room.

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Why Selecting the Right Shape is Important

The shape of your rug will impact how well it works with the table’s shape and moving chairs. Oftentimes, the shape of the rug will mimic the shape of the table to create symmetry. Rectangular tables go well with rectangular rugs, round tables with round rugs, and so on. However, some modern tables come in different shapes like hexagon or other symmetrical shapes. In these cases, the rug should be a similar shape to the table and provide equal spacing for chairs around the table.

What Material Considerations you Should Consider

Whether your dining room rug is used as a walkway or a simple base for your dining room chairs, it is vital to choose a dining room rug that is durable. The traction of regular traffic and dragging chairs can wear out rugs quickly, so you should choose materials known for their resilience. Different materials also require different levels of maintenance and react differently to stains and dirt. Stain resistant, durable rug materials that are approved for high traffic spaces are the most popular option for today’s dining spaces.

Round rug for queen size bed

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Queen Size Runner Rug

Why Color and Pattern Selection Matters

Color is a key part in defining your dining room’s tone and aesthetic. Your rug can play into that by reinforcing the room’s overarching color palette through similar colors and consistent color tones. With that, your dining room rug can also hide stains better depending on the complexity of the pattern and the breadth of colors. Patterns can also tie into the room’s overarching style with motifs, imagery, and shapes that loosely connect to your other decor. These simple touches are monumental in defining your dining room’s unique, personal style.

3 Practical Tips for Placement

Balance: In order to create visual balance, place your rug directly under the center of the table. Size also plays into balance, as it’s standard practice to have the rug extend one to two feet past the table’s edges. This sizing will ensure that the table is visually balanced with the rug and leave plenty of room for the chairs. 

Security: Even though the rug is weighed down by the table, adding a rug pad to your dining room can help create an even more secure grip. Rug pads feature many benefits, such as creating grip, adding comfort, providing sound proofing, and improving your rug’s longevity.

Open Concept Spaces: If your dining room opens to your living room or kitchen, your rug can tie the dining room’s style to the neighboring spaces. SImilar patterns, coordinating or matching colors, and similar materials are three areas to consider when using a rug in an open concept dining space.

Round rug for queen size bed

How to Look After Your Dining Room Rug

Cleaning and caring for your rug is an essential part of improving its longevity and maintaining its beauty. Regular vacuuming can help remove surface layer dirt. If your rug is stained by a drink or dropped food, try to treat the stain as quickly as possible with an approved cleaner. Even if you cannot treat the stain immediately, it is worthwhile to go back to it later to try and treat the damage. In cases where you have a particularly stubborn stain or you want a deep cleaning, you can also go to a professional rug cleaner to refresh your rug and treat any stains.

Dining room rugs are a beautiful and practical addition to any dining space. From a functional standpoint, they provide a comfortable surface to step onto and protect your floor from moving chairs. Aesthetically, these rugs can convey your style through their colors, patterns, and materials. By intentionally choosing a rug with the right size, shape, materials, colors, and pattern, you can create a dining space that perfectly suits your lifestyle and aesthetic.


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