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How Much Does Professional Rug Cleaning Cost

Whether you’re cleaning the rug because of deep set stains or to give it a simple refresh, professional rug cleaners are great resources to call upon. With their specialized techniques, unique cleaning formulas, and cleaning tools, they are experts at restoring area rugs.

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  1. Why get your Rug Professionally Cleaned
  2. Factors Affecting Rug Cleaning Costs
  3. What are the Average Rug Cleaning Costs
  4. What else you Should Consider

Why get your Rug Professionally Cleaned

Time is a big factor in cleaning rugs, which is why you may choose to have a professional clean it instead of working it into your busy schedule. There are other reasons to go to a professional as well, such as your rug’s construction and uncertainty about cleaning methods. Some materials like silk or viscose require very specialized, intentional cleaning. That is why people will seek out a professional with deep knowledge of the materials and cleaners to restore the rug. Finally, professionals are often used to clean heirloom rugs that may be more delicate or vulnerable thanks to their long age. Ultimately, there are many reasons and situations where you can get your rug professionally cleaned.

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Factors Affecting Rug Cleaning Costs

If you are leaning towards having a professional clean your rug, you may be wondering what the cost will be. It is impossible to give a specific number here, since there are many different facets that impact the cost of cleaning.

Rug Size: The larger the rug, the higher the price will be. These rugs will generally require more labor to clean along with more time and more of the cleaning solution, so the costs are greater than small area rugs. 

Rug Material: Like we said before, some rug materials are more fragile or more deeply stained than others. Depending on whether your rug is a natural material like cotton, wool or silk versus synthetic fibers will impact how the rug is cleaned, what cleaning solutions are used, and how labor-intensive the job is. 

Rug Condition: If your rug is littered with dirt and deep-set stains, then the cost of cleaning the rug will likely be higher. After all, deep stains need to receive heavier treatment and care to ensure that they are removed. 

Additional Services: Depending on your rug cleaner, you may opt to include additional services to restore your rug. You can hire them for general dirt removal, stain removal, odor treatment, or even rug repairs. With each of these services, there is naturally a change in price.

What are the Average Rug Cleaning Costs

With all the details listed above, you can see how it’s hard to give an exact number for what a rug cleaning costs. However, there are some general rates based on industry standards and average market rates that can give you a vague idea of price. 

Small to Medium Sized Rugs: Some cleaners may charge per square foot. In the case of small to medium rugs, a fair estimate is $4 per square foot. This means that a 5x8 rug (which is 40 square feet) would cost $160 to clean. Note that different materials impact the price per square foot, with synthetic materials being closer to $3 per square foot and wool rug cleanings charging $4-8 per square foot. 

Large Rugs: Following the pricing per square foot details listed above, large area rugs may cost anywhere from $160 to $720 for low-maintenance materials.

Specialized Rugs: Heirloom rugs, oriental, or antique rugs may cost more to clean, since they have different dyes and construction. Old rugs may be more delicate after years of traffic, and so the cleaner will have to take extra time and care to ensure that the rug is restored and undamaged. Because there are so many different types of specialized rugs, it is important to get a specific quote from a professional.

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What Else You should Consider

When choosing a rug cleaner, it is important to consider the reputation and expertise of the cleaner. Look at reviews from other customers, their repertoire of cleaning, and if they’ve cleaned your type of rug in the past. As you choose a professional, you may also see additional services that they offer like at-home cleaning. The cost of cleaning will be impacted by the company’s expertise, reputation, and location. While it may be tempting to choose a more affordable option with rug cleaning, this is one case where it is worth investing in someone highly qualified and respected.

There are plenty of ways to clean rugs at home, but there are many situations where it is better to call on a professional to remove those stubborn stains and dirt. The cleaning cost may differ depending on the rug’s materials, size, and condition, which is why it is vital to get quotes from professionals to know the exact price of cleaning your rug. Remember, the investment of cleaning your rug and having it cleaned well is worthwhile in extending your rug’s life, giving it a deep clean, and restoring it to its former beauty.


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