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Does Goodwill take Rugs?

There comes a time where you are ready to add a new rug to your room and an old rug has to go. If the rug still has some life in it, then it can become a beautiful accent for someone else’s home. One of the most common ways to get rid of a rug is through thrift stores and organizations such as Goodwill.

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  1. What Is Goodwill?
  2. Does Goodwill Take Rugs?
  3. Should I Donate my Rug to Goodwill?
  4. How to Prepare your Rug for Goodwill

What is Goodwill?

Goodwill is known for their thrift store locations, but their goal spans beyond running successful thrift stores.Their mission is to improve the dignity and quality of life for their employees, shoppers, and the world as a whole. They strive to strengthen communities by providing opportunities for those who may not have them otherwise and help people reach their full potential with education and job opportunities. With those goals in mind, Goodwill has established itself as a nonprofit thrift store retailer that is prevalent in the United States, Canada, and various other countries across the world.

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Does Goodwill Take Rugs?

Oftentimes, Goodwill does indeed take rugs. However, each store has specific items that they stock due to catering to their communities and best managing the space that they have. Some stores may accept small rugs but refuse larger ones for those very reasons. Before taking your rug to the store, you can search for your store’s specific donation lists online at their website. It’s also a good idea to call the store to ensure that they can accept your rug size, especially if it is a larger size.

Should I Donate my Rug to Goodwill?

Your rug should be donated only if it’s in a resellable condition. If your rug has a lot of damage with permanent stains, missing fibers, and broken backing, it may be best to dispose of your rug. There are many ways to recycle rugs and safely dispose of them, so be sure to take those options into account if your rug is clearly past its prime.

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How To prepare your Rug for Goodwill

To help Goodwill process your rug and bring it one step closer to its next home, it’s important to prepare your rug. These simple, basic steps will hardly take any time or effort on your end, but they will go a long way in helping the next homeowner receive the rug more quickly and in better condition. 

Vacuum: The first step is to simply vacuum your rug. If your rug has been in storage for some time, consider shaking out any loose dust and debris before vacuuming to release the dirt and help the vacuum clean the rug more deeply. One other area to keep in mind is how to best care for your rug’s fibers and pile height; be sure to use the proper vacuum beater or attachment to clean your rug and avoid damaging the fibers when you vacuum it. 

Wash: Once again, look at your rug’s specific cleaning instructions for how to clean it. Some rug materials are highly sensitive to different types of cleaners. Before taking it to Goodwill, spotclean any set-in or new stains. It can also be helpful to wash the entire rug to show off its promising beauty and softness. When you do wash it, especially with water, be sure that the rug completely dries before you wrap it up and take it to the donation center.

How To prepare your Rug for Goodwill (continued)

Roll it: After the rug is thoroughly dried, you can roll it up for easy transportation and packaging. Oftentimes, rugs that are 5x7 or smaller can simply be rolled across the length into a tight bundle. If your rug is larger, consider folding it in half and then rolling it tightly. In any case, it’s vital to roll it so that it is tight and takes up the least amount of space possible. 

Plastic covering: The final step in preparing your rug for donation is to cover it with some sort of protection. There are plenty of plastic rug bags readily available to purchase, and they are an easy solution for protecting the rug and keeping it rolled tightly. Plastic wrap is also a common solution that can keep the rug tightly wound and protect it from moisture/damage.

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By donating a rug to Goodwill, not only do you give your rug a new opportunity to accent a new home, but you also help Goodwill fulfill its mission of helping people. In addition to that, you can receive a tax deduction for donating your rug to a non-profit. Truly, donating your rug to a Goodwill that can accept rugs is a great way to strengthen your community and benefit those around you.


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