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Make A Statement With Colorful Rugs

If you're looking for a way to transform your home, add some color into your living space!

The introduction of color through decor, creates an engaging feeling that welcomes people into the room. It adds personality and character, making a house a home or a room a safe haven. Create a specific ambiance with the colors you choose. For example, muted tones are great for a relaxing vibe while bright colors are perfect for gathering areas.

Choose your rug first, because great interior design starts from the ground up. For some of our favorite rug color ideas, read on.

Abstract Rug

Multi-Color + Muted

If you aren’t ready to commit to a vivid rug, consider a colorful and muted pairing. Selecting a rug with softened coloring will allow you to play around with different patterns in your other accessories in the room. Pick two to four accent colors from the rug to emphasize in an additional way. A color-blocked pillow or additional solid-colored pillows are perfect for amplifying subtle colors in your rug.

Colorful Rug

Bright + Bold

Take your home interior to the next level with a bold bright rug. Pull one or two shades from the rug to accent the rest of the space. For accessories, stick to solid colors, so the room is not overwhelming. Let the rug stand out, and set the tone for the room.

Bright Yellow Rug

Single Hue

Another option is to go for a single-hued rug, showing one statement color. Don’t be afraid to infuse a secondary color to create some contrast in the room. Select a color that compliments the rug. Using multicolored accessories allows you to add another shade without making the room too busy. Mix things up with a dip-dyed pillow or a solid pillow with texture.

The right shades and colors will elevate your living space. Consider the atmosphere you desire to create. Explore different rug styles, textures, and constructions to find the best fit. Determine the best colors to highlight with your accessories, and bring your vision to life.



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