Making Winter Bright: Yellow Decor


Step one of updating/switching over my home space to colder months is adding some color, specifically yellows and golds. Because even when the sun shines in winter, well, there just isn’t much natural color for it to highlight so you kind of need to add it to your surroundings on your own. And oh my gosh, does a dose of brightness make the difference when it comes down to it!

Winter Brights

Changing things up can be as simple as adding a few throw pillows on the couch, a blanket on the armchair, and some extra lighting for those extra hours after sundown. My go-to is generally a nice, deep goldenrod. It’s a great yellow that still feels fresh and clean, but that’s dark and rich enough to feel luxe and cozy.


Don’t forget to brighten up the lesser seen rooms in your home either — the master bedroom is the perfect spot to add some patterned bedsheets or a new piece of art. And throw pillows and blankets are just as useful in this space as well. Pairing a great yellow or gold with a darker color, like this navy duvet, make it stand out all the more.

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Floor rugs are also effective, and add that extra layer of warmth and comfort to what might otherwise be a chilly floor. Go with a single rug or consider layering a solid over your existing one. So cozy!

Winter Brights - Rugs

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