Bright as Sunshine

There is no happier color than yellow, don’t even try to convince me of it. Sunshine, flowers, butter. So have you ever thought of – or have you ever – had it hang out in your home?

I love the idea of having one statement making piece of furniture in a bold color. It would be the ideal fix for a piece that is in desperate need of a little update or one you picked up at a garage sale and aren’t quite sure what do with to make it yours.
 Farrow & Ball

Or maybe you have a more permanent feature in your space that could use a little kick. The goldenrod yellow radiator above almost takes on the feel of a piece of art in its new hue, especially against that beautiful navy wall.

Armelle Habib

I can’t help but smile when looking at these yellow chairs! Actually everything about this entire setup is a dream, but I digress. There are plenty of yellow dining chairs readily available, or you could just as easily paint a set of your own. Wouldn’t a mismatched set look fantastic? The yellow would unite them in such a fun way.

Frenchy Fancy

A slightly more involved project would be something like these show-stopping kitchen cabinets. Don’t you love the way they pop against al of that stainless steel and grey? Because I do. This would be a fun update for older cabinets, in fact I’m thinking of something similar for my own.

sam gilbert

I’m planning on ripping the carpet off of my stairs in the near future and this photo has been major inspiration. A coat of paint on a stairway can be a fairly easy job, provided there’s no hidden repair work lying underneath. And this yellow just calls for feet running up and down them!


For more inspiration from Kelly, follow along with her at Design Crush!

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Fashion Translation: Gold Coast

Now that we’re officially in the hottest days of the summer season, I’ve noticed a shift in the colors that catch my eye. Maybe I have a tropical vacation in mind (guilty), but everything I’m loving right now is inspired by beachy vibes in a very retro kind of way. The look is very beachy, but not in a coastal vein. Instead, it’s more about earthy colors, bold tropical motifs, and global ambience.

Besides the obvious tones of golden yellow, this trend’s color palette also includes terra cotta, olive green, dusty grey, and sandy beige. Truth be told, the palette is inspired by all the hues you’d find at a sun-bleached beach resort. The vibe sort of has that feel, too — super casual and laidback, with lots of bohemian influence.

Photo Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue.

Gold Coast Shopping Guide:

Trans Ocean Imports palms rug

Rugs America torino fireworks rug

Trans Ocean Imports terrace rug

This trend can also veer into a more tried-and-true tropical look, complete with on-trend palm trees, enlarged leaves, and sand-inspired stripes. While this look can end up looking quite Hawaiian shirt, it can also be very sophisticated. The essential component to consider is color palette, as well as overall number of tropical elements. I suggest sticking to one or two statement pieces to get those gold coast vibes, while leaving the rest of your home fairly neutral. What’s especially fun with this trend is that it lends itself rather nicely to the inclusion of jet black within your color palette. Don’t be afraid to mix in onyx lacquered pieces and darker tones!

Photo Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue.

Gold Coast Shopping Guide:

Karastan Panel Kirman rug

Anji Mountain jute collection rug

Loloi Xavier rug

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Cheer up, Buttercup! Using Yellow in the Home.

The color of sunshine, daffodils, and fresh-squeezed lemonade, yellow is an unabashedly happy hue. Why not wake up your living space this spring with a healthy dose of this sunny hue? Read on for totally doable color inspiration.


The living room is a great place to experiment with a fresh, seasonal color palette. Keep your big pieces (sofa, wall color) neutral, and have fun with a bright rug, throw pillows, and accessories.


Curtains and throws are another easy place to experiment with color. To save a little cash on curtains, pick up cheerful fabric and create a no-sew hem with iron on fabric tape. Simple clip drapery rings to the top, and you’re good to go! Keep your room feeling light and bright by adding a mirror, and (especially if your space is small) consider swapping out a hefty coffee table for a light-as-air acrylic version.

Ready for a more long-term commitment to color? A gorgeous yellow wallpaper, like the one shown here (it’s Cow Parsley from Cole & Son) would make a bold statement in the bedroom or entryway.



Artwork in a hue you love can completely transform a space, and provide a jumping-off point for an entire decorating scheme. Start with the art, and pull a color (like the vibrant yellow shown here) to repeat in a rug and pillows for a finished look.


Sunny, happy yellow is surprisingly versatile. Try it alongside gray, aqua, spring green, or teal for a vibrant spring look. And when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with lemon yellow and white.

Do you love yellow? Share how you use this daring hue in your home in the Comments!

Rug Shopping Guide: (clockwise from top left) Surya Florence Broadhurst Turnabouts pillow in gold and ivory; Surya Florence Broadhurst Shadow Floral pillow in lemon; Surya Florence Broadhurst Spotted Floral pillow in gold and ivory; Momeni Geo rug in yellow; Trans Oceans Imports Liora Manne Ravella rug in yellow; Foreign Accents Festival Rug in gray and canary yellow.

Photo Credits: (from top to bottom) Brunelleschi ConstructionLonny MagazineFlorence FindsCamellia Interiors.

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Making Winter Bright: Yellow Decor


Step one of updating/switching over my home space to colder months is adding some color, specifically yellows and golds. Because even when the sun shines in winter, well, there just isn’t much natural color for it to highlight so you kind of need to add it to your surroundings on your own. And oh my gosh, does a dose of brightness make the difference when it comes down to it!

Winter Brights

Changing things up can be as simple as adding a few throw pillows on the couch, a blanket on the armchair, and some extra lighting for those extra hours after sundown. My go-to is generally a nice, deep goldenrod. It’s a great yellow that still feels fresh and clean, but that’s dark and rich enough to feel luxe and cozy.


Don’t forget to brighten up the lesser seen rooms in your home either — the master bedroom is the perfect spot to add some patterned bedsheets or a new piece of art. And throw pillows and blankets are just as useful in this space as well. Pairing a great yellow or gold with a darker color, like this navy duvet, make it stand out all the more.

desire to inpsire

Floor rugs are also effective, and add that extra layer of warmth and comfort to what might otherwise be a chilly floor. Go with a single rug or consider layering a solid over your existing one. So cozy!

Winter Brights - Rugs

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