How to Keep Summer Going All Year Long

Jane Beiles

In a blink summer will be over but I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet, are you? So let’s talk about some ways to keep warm weather and vacation vibes around for the rest of the year. This first idea is the one I use most – art and books. A beachy scene hanging on the wall is a vacation for the eyes and a few coffee table books about the ocean or islands can sweep you away whenever the temperature finally starts to drop. Both are also a great jumping off point for other decor.

Henny van Belkom

When you think about the beach there are probably a lot of natural materials aside from water and sand. I’m thinking of materials like wood, rattan, and sisal. Hang a large wicker light fixture with some vintage vibes in the living room or add a dining table with a roughhewn look to it. These materials have the powers to help transport you right back to the shore.

Alyssa Rosenheck

If you’re at all into the tropics, you’re probably also into plenty of foliage. Bring a few large plants into the living room to mimic seaside greenery and add a tropical vibe to your home. If that’s not enough add a few more vining plants, like philodendron, that can be draped as they grow for that jungle-like feel.

Monica Wang

Think about the color palette of vacation – deeply saturated blues and greens with some sandy brown thrown in for good measure. If you’re not ready to pull the trigger and go all out with furniture or freshly painted walls, consider some new accessories or floor rugs to give you that beauty vibe all year long.

Summer Rugs

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Outdoor Summer Decorating with Moroccan Style Rugs

Summer Decorating
With temperatures on the rise, it’s time to add a little spice to your summer decor! In your hunt for outdoor decorating inspiration, cast your eyes to the rich and exotic traditions of Morocco and you’ll find inspiration galore—because a culture that’s spent thousands of years beating the heat definitely knows a thing or two about keeping cool in style!

Summer Decorating2

This summer, turn your patio into an outdoor room full of colorful and graphic textiles inspired by Northern Africa. Create a low to the ground seating area anchored with patterned rugs made to withstand the elements. Printed accent pillows add a dynamic visual element as well as a comfortable spot to rest. Mix the land-meets-sea hues of the Mediterranean with stripes, mosaics, and Ikats, and brew up a refreshing pitcher of mint iced tea. Now sit back and welcome that cool twilight breeze!

Shopping Guide: 1. Graphic Rug 2. Ikat Rug 3. Moroccan Rug 4. Trellis Print Pillow 5. Floral Pillow 6. Mosaic Pillow

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Sweet Summer Decor Inspiration

Sweet Summer 1

If you’re looking for summer decor inspiration, look no further than your nearest farmers market. The vivid colors and bright flavors of fresh-picked fruit of capture everything that’s irresistible about the season. From the blush of a peach to cheer of a cherry, summer’s bounty begs to be translated into your interior.

Sweet Summer 2

To bring a taste of summer indoors, look for accent pieces with a sun kissed sensibility. Colors like apricot, watermelon, cantaloupe and strawberry add personality to pillows, rugs, and other decor staples. Even smaller elements like napkins and place settings lend themselves to this palette well–and guarantee you’ll have just the right table accessories to serve up a fruit cobbler in style!

Sweet Summer 3

Shopping Guide: 1. Orange Chevron Rug 2. Orange Woven Basket 3. Orange Patterned Pillow

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Tips for Getting Summer House Style

This summer, refresh your home with an easy, breezy, beachy look inspired by seaside cottages and organic-luxe resorts. For a quick start, bring in shells and stones collected on a beach walk, and display them atop piles of books on a console table. And speaking of books, swing by the bookstore — a gorgeous new seaside decorating or photography book could be just the thing to perk up your coffee table! Swapping out artwork for a beach scene is another easy change to make. Look for a single large-scale piece, or snap your own seaside photos, have them printed, and hang them in a neat grid on the wall.

Summer Style 1

In the space shown here, whitewashed walls provide a clean backdrop to weathered wood, Mexican blankets, and pretty patterned pillows. The vibe is relaxed and easy, just like summer decorating should be! To embrace this style in your own space, clear away excess clutter, bring in a few potted succulents, new pillows, and fresh, seasonal flowers, and put on a beach-inspired music mix.

Summer Style 2

Natural fiber rugs are a great choice for summer, because they feel deliciously cool on bare feet. Patterned pillows like this one or this one will perk up a plain, neutral-hued sofa. And if you are on the hunt for new seating, something low-slung and white or natural and woven would look just right for summer.

Summer Style 3

Personalize your space by making a few easy beach-inspired crafts, like painting simple white geometric designs on found driftwood, gluing shells to a mirror, or (if you’re feeling especially crafty) macrame a wall hanging. And what could possibly say summer more clearly than a hammock? Hang one on your porch, patio, or even indoors!

Summer Style 4

Summer Style 5

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