Decorating with Stripes

my scandinavian home
My Scandinavian Home

Stripes are one of the classiest patterns around, and easily written off as being boring oftentimes. But the thing is that stripes can take on any personality you want — bold, minimal, modern, and even traditional. Because like many things in life, it’s all about how you use them.

House and Garden

The Unexpected. Go against the grain and put stripes into play somewhere unexpected, like the stairwell or the inside of the kitchen cabinets. The wow factor will be present in spades and you’ll find yourself smiling when you catch a glimpse of your clever decorating decision.


Mix and Match. Don’t shy away from mixing different striped patterns. It’s not the same as, say, a paisley and polka dot because they’re all related and in the same family. This room is a fantastic example of mixing done right; keeping to the same color palette will make almost anything feel more cohesive.


Go Bold. Stripes don’t have to be diminutive and preppy, they can be loud and in your face if you’d like them to be! Try patterns with varying widths, saturated colors, and a big presence. Make a piece of furniture front and center by going with the pattern rather than solid, or make stripes the focal point of the entire room by keeping everything else neutral and minimal.


Think Neutral. Stripes is one of those great patterns that also has the ability to function as a neutral. It can go with just about anything! So have fun and experiment with the look by sticking to basic hues and pulling stripes into your existing styling for a fun update.

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