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Playful space

As the parent of a very active and playful little guy, I know firsthand how essential it is for families to have a creative play space in the house! Thankfully, these days it is easier than ever to find kid-friendly furnishings, decor, and even toys that are stylish enough to leave out among the ‘grownup’ stuff. In fact, I would go as far as to say that these kids’ spaces are so fun they may even inspire the adults to leave the smartphone behind and just play!

If you have an entire room to devote to play, that’s great – there is so much you can do with an entire room! Safely installed indoor swings or a small slide can be lifesavers on a cold winter day when you can’t hit the park. A tipi or playhouse is always a hit for pretend play, and a cozy reading/lounging area makes a good spot to flop down for a rest after a major play session. Don’t forget the toy storage – think neat, organized, and easy to access: bins on shelves works well. And notice that the room pictured above is an attic space with a steeply sloping ceiling, but this doesn’t matter one bit to the room’s wee occupants, making this an excellent use of a tricky space.

Playful Spaces2

Of course if you don’t have a dedicated playroom (I don’t!), there are plenty of ways to incorporate play and creativity into any room in the house. A kid-size table and chairs tucked into a corner of the living room makes an instant project space for arts and crafts or Lego. Attractive woven baskets or canvas bins can hold (and hide) toys in plain sight, making them a great option for living rooms. Fill a few with your child’s current top-favorite toys, and rotate in a fresh selection every few weeks to help stave off boredom.

Playful Spaces3

The room shown above is packed with great ideas, from the chalkboard wall (always a big hit!) to the labeled drawers, art caddy on the table, and bench with toy trucks lined up underneath. If you homeschool, or need a dedicated homework and project space, this is a wonderful setup to draw inspiration from.

Photo credits: Chango & Co., Domino Magazine, Brandon Architects.

Playful Spaces4

And let’s not forget the bedroom! I love the idea of using fresh, fun (and removable) decals to create the look of wallpaper on a basic white wall. Kids love color and pattern, so don’t be afraid to pile it on! Choose bright, colorful bedding, pillows in fun shapes, and bold accessories like brightly hued lamps, a cool nightlight, or a table with an interesting shape.

Playful Rugs

On the floor of the play space, I’m loving the entire collection of rugs created by kid-centric design studio Petit Collage for Jaipur Rugs – I’ve highlighted four of my favorites above. Any of these bold, colorful, modern rugs is sure to be a hit with kids… and the stylish parents who love them.

Rug Shopping Guide (clockwise from top left): Jaipur Rugs Playful by Petit Collage ConfettiJaipur Rugs Playful by Petit Collage Sprouts rug in blueJaipur Rugs Playful by Petit Collage Starburst rugJaipur Rugs Iconic by Petit Collage hand-tufted Sticks Rug.

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Colorful Rugs to Design a Fun Kids’ Room

Colorful Kids Room

A fun bedroom is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child. Creating a space in which your kids can play, rest, and feel safe not only teaches them important lessons about self-worth and self-expression, it can be a terrific bonding activity for you both! Encourage your little ones to take ownership of their bedrooms by inviting them into the decorating process. They’ll not only exercise their imaginations but also practice sticking to a budget and committing to their choices.

Colorful Kids Room 2

Give your child permission to mix colors, patterns, and styles to his/her liking! A wide variety of kids’ room rugs offers the perfect opportunity to inject a vibrant sensibility. Try layering a few different rugs for a dynamic effect, and look for soft natural fibers to set the stage for long hours of playtime on the floor. With your gentle guidance and enthusiastic support, kids will grow up confident that their room is more than just a place for sleep; it’s an authentic statement about who they are!

Shopping Guide: 1. Animal Print Rug 2. Purple Patterned Rug 3. Colorful Rug 4. Rag Rug

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