Color Trend: Peacock Blue

Jacqueline DuBois
Jacqueline DuBois

It looks as though there’s a new interior design trend in town, and it goes by the name of Peacock Blue. One quality that draws designers to this color is its friendly, unexpected energy. Certain tones of peacock blue (the ones that lean less green) can act as a glamorous, jewel-toned neutral. Check out how the accent wall above works with both warm and cool hues as well as a couch that’s a different shade of blue altogether.

Bella Tucker
Bella Tucker

Colored kitchen cabinets have been on the rise for a few years now, and I have to say that the peacock blue in this kitchen is a real star. It’s a bit riskier than the navy trend that’s been around for a while now, but it’s also more unique and not likely to be in your neighbors’ kitchen. Peacock blue will make its own statement, whether your aesthetic is mid-century modern, farmhouse, or traditional.

Mary Costa
Mary Costa

When peacock blue shows its face through tiling I can’t help but feel a bit of a Moroccan vibe. The tiled half wall above doesn’t feel overwhelming or too dark, and it doesn’t make this small bathroom space feel claustrophobic either. The white and light grey it was paired with help to keep it in check while still allowing the vibrant shade to be the star. Pro Tip: Don’t you love the way that shower curtain puddles? If you’re having trouble finding one that you love, don’t hesitate to look in the drapery department.

via The Everygirl
via The Everygirl

Maybe a more subtle use of color is your style because when you use it you want it to really pop. If that’s the case, I’d recommend either introducing some peacock blue bedding into the picture or adding a piece of furniture. A couch, upholstered dining chair cushions, or even a small footstool would do the trick nicely. Of course one of our favorite ways to add color and pattern to any space is through a show-stopping floor rug – here are six of my favorite peacock blue-hued rugs below!

Peacock Blue Rugs
 Majesty Eliza by Tayse International Trading   2/ Regal by Dynamic Rugs
3/ Vintage by Safavieh   4/ Nags Head by Capel
5/ Justina Blakeney Silvia   6/ Indochine by Feizy Rugs

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Hygge Home for Winter

In Denmark, hygge is a concept that encompasses the warm, cozy feeling of togetherness — and winter is the perfect time to put this scandinavian idea of coziness to work around the house. From candles and twinkle lights to hot drinks and fluffy rugs, read on for some of the coziest ways give your home that signature hygge vibe.

Featherology on Etsy

When it comes to quickly adding a warm and cozy glow to your space, nothing beats twinkle lights. Opt for small lights on a white cord or thin copper wire for a delicate, magical look. Here are a few foolproof ways to use them:

– Draped over a full-length mirror in your bedroom.

– Criss-crossed on a wall (as shown here).

– Clustered inside a wide-mouth clear glass vase or jar.

– Running over a door frame or window.

– Draped across the mantel.


Candlelight and hot drinks ought to be a daily ritual in a hygge home, especially in the short, dark days of midwinter. Light a candle with your breakfast, enjoy an afternoon tea by candlelight or end your day with a peaceful candlelit moment before turning off the lights. Why not treat yourself to a pretty teapot or new mug and a selection of fancy teas?

Handmade by Chris & Kris on Etsy

A toasty throw is another must-have when it comes to creating a warm and cozy hygge home. Chunky knits, warm woolens and ultra-plush faux fur are all good choices. Drape one wherever you or a guest will be sitting. Or, for a fun touch at a winter dinner party, drape a throw or small sheepskin across every seat at the table.

My Scandinavian Home

If you have a working fireplace or woodstove — and it’s been recently cleaned and maintained by a pro (safety first!) — winter is the perfect time to enjoy a crackling fire. But if you don’t have a fireplace, or if you live in an area with spare-the-air days, you can still enjoy the satisfaction of a freshly cut pile of firewood, a fluffy wool rug or sheepskin and toasty slippers. Just substitute extra candles or twinkle lights in place of the flames.

Mode and the City

A fresh pair of fuzzy socks and a good book are simple pleasures that are oh-so-hygge. In Iceland, there is a very hygge tradition called the “Christmas Book Flood” where people gift books to one another on Christmas eve, and then everyone reads in bed. Why not take the time to relax and read a book by candlelight in your fuzzy socks with a cup of tea? You can’t get much more hygge than that, whether it’s on Christmas eve or just another Tuesday!

The House That Lars Built

Of course, hygge is not all about solo coziness — once your home is feeling cozy, why not invite some of your closest friends over to enjoy a festive little gathering? Winter gatherings can be as simple as hosting a game night, getting together to wrap gifts, sing carols, watch your favorite holiday movie or exchange cookies. Keep the gathering as warm and cozy as possible by lighting candles, turning on the twinkle lights, playing soft music and pouring plenty of hot drinks.

Rug Shopping Guide (clockwise from top left): Surya Sheep in pearl; Grand Tapis Deco Lines by Orian Rugs in ivory; Milan by Surya in ivory; Hygge by Loloi Rugs in grey and mist.

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Guest Room Checklist For The Holidays

Have overnight visitors coming for Thanksgiving weekend or the winter holidays this year? Get your guest space all ready with these top 10 guest room essentials and extra touches to make their stay comfortable.

Refresh Restyle Bedroom
Refresh Restyle

1. Cozy bedding. Aim to include a comfortable mattress pad, sheets, pillow shams and a duvet or quilt. A soft and cozy throw blanket at the foot of the bed can provide extra warmth on chilly evenings. Consider going for a soft neutral palette like the one shown here for maximum versatility — crisp white sheets paired with cream and tan accents is sophisticated and works equally well in all seasons.

Domino Books

2. Something to read. A stack of books including a mix of favorite authors and local info is a nice touch for the bedside table.

Domino Bath

3. Towels and toiletries. Have some of those little trial-size toiletries laying around? Gather them up and plunk them in a pretty bowl or cup to offer to your guests in case they forgot something. Also be sure to set out fresh bath and hand towels — I’m partial to fluffy white towels or thin, striped turkish towels.

Emily Henderson bedroom
Emily Henderson

4. Rug. A soft rug underfoot is a necessity if you have hard flooring — but even if you have carpeting, consider layering a colorful runner or fluffy faux hide on top. Your guests will appreciate the extra softness underfoot.

5. Bedside lighting. Overhead lighting alone is simply not enough. Add a bedside lamp on each side of the bed so your guests can read in bed. And before your guests arrive, remember to check that the bulbs work!

Guest Room Checklist
Ann Street Studio | Driven by Decor | Refresh Restyle | Crate Blog

6. Valet hooks. Your guests will want a spot to hang up a few items of clothing, but you might not have a full closet rod or dresser available. What to do? Install a few hooks instead. Valet hooks (like the ones shown top left) are a style of wall hook perfect for hanging up a hanger or two to keep clothes neat and wrinkle-free.

7. Coffee station. Gather up an electric kettle, french press, mugs, ground coffee and tea on a pretty tray so your guests can help themselves to a hot coffee in the morning or relaxing herbal tea before bed. Bonus: if they’re up early, they won’t have to worry about bothering you to find out where anything is!

8. Workstation. Including a small desk along with your home’s wifi code is a great way to make your guest feel at home. If you’re short on space in your guest room, consider including a slim desk and shelf combination like the one shown here.

Kelly Nan Bedroom
Kelley Nan

9. Extra pillows and blankets. Keep a few varieties of pillows and a spare blanket on hand so guests can grab them if needed. Feel free to leave these items out on the bed or on a nearby bench — if you do opt to stash them inside a closet, be sure to let your guests know where these items are kept so they can get them if needed.

10. Water. After being on the road to travel to your home, your guests will probably be thirsty! Provide a carafe of water with a few glasses, or stock their bedside tables with bottled water so they can hydrate. For bonus points add a small vase of fresh flowers and a scented candle.

To shop for a cozy guest room rug, consider one of these go-with-anything beauties:

Guest Room Rugs

Rug shopping guide (clockwise from top left): Monaco by Safavieh in grey; Anastasia by Loloi Rugs in light blue; Anastasia by Loloi Rugs in desert and brown; Rhapsody by Surya in cream.

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Defining a Mini Library

Livet Hemma
Livet Hemma

The moment you set foot inside my home, you know I’m a book lover. They’re everywhere. On shelves and benches in the living room and entryway, stacked on my dresser, and even more hidden inside boxes in the attic. While there’s nothing more I’d love than to have an entire room as a dedicated library, I satisfy my need to display books by creating little nooks full of them here and there. Long after being read, your favorite books can serve other purposes – two large stacks of mine even bring the television up to eye-level on top of a low console, and I love how the Ikea desk above replaces one side’s legs with a tower.

Surrey Homes
Surrey Homes

This glass-fronted armoire makes for the perfect book nook, keeping your tomes protected and in full view at the same time. A bonus that any book lover will surely appreciate is that they’d also be kept dust-free! Wouldn’t a wall of three or four mismatched armoires filled to the brim with books make for a beautiful compact library that makes a statement? The wheels are turning…

Vaaleanpunainen Hirsitalo
Vaaleanpunainen Hirsitalo

If lots and lots of books aren’t your thing but you’d like to hang onto and show off your favorites, then this idea might be the one for you – a slim but sturdy set of shelves turned on its side. Fill the cubbies with the books and magazines you already own, then add to it as your collection grows! When the shelves fill up make freeform book stacks on top of the piece and create a real focal point of the room it sits in.


If coffee table books are more the type of library you want to create, consider taking shelves of any type out of the equation. Fill your empty fireplace and display their spines, stack them on the floor against an empty wall and create your own art installation, or consider filling a bar cart to make a makeshift library on wheels. Any little nook or cranny in your home can become a mini library with a little creativity.

Elle Decor Espana
Elle Decor España

As can any piece of deep furniture house some of your collection – a desk, a console table, an armchair, an end table. Not every book needs to be in the same place if you don’t have the room for it and you can think out of the box. Help define your mini library space by adding a rug, some of my latest favorites are shown below:


1/ Kaleen Rachael Ray Highline   2/ Company C Handwoven Chromatic Plaid
3/ Surya Mountain   4/ Company C Hand Tufted Diamond Lattice
5/ Karastan Cosmopolitan French Affair   6/ Surya Jax

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