In the Home: Blushing

Ashley Capp

When it comes to decorating is your list of neutrals short or long? Mine is ever lengthening, including a few patterns like leopard. And I’m definitely on the bandwagon when it comes to using light pinks as foundation-building neutrals. Your space doesn’t need to look like a bubblegum explosion to achieve a super calming and grounded effect using blush.

Emily Henderson

Part of my home office is painted a shade very similar to this dining room, and every time I notice it makes me break out in a smile! Blush is a happy-inducing color that doesn’t need to be overly feminine. The use of plenty of black and white in this room makes it feel clean and modern more than anything else.

The Interiors Addict

If you’d like to stick your foot in to test the waters, maybe consider starting with accents and accessories. The blush duvet in this minimal bedroom is paired with a few throw pillows and and a patterned quilt that give the room a graphic touch. Because the walls are white the color pops more, to tone it down you could bring in a lovely light grey or brown.

House Beautiful UK

Furniture is always a bigger investment, not only when talking about money but also impact. You’re probably going to know you can live with blush in your life before you make that purchase. The living room above really illustrates blush as a neutral extremely well, and the metals and light grey used throughout the room help to balance and bridge the gap.

Monica Wang

This particular hue tends to mix very well with other colors, further cementing it as a great untraditional neutral. The pillow used in this bedroom is bursting with a rainbow, but choose any one of those colors individually and it works with blush – I guarantee it.


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Fashion Translation: Pretty-n-Pink Florals

If there are two things that will ALWAYS have a place in my heart, it’s florals and pink. Put them together and you have tons of sweet, springtime inspiration for home and wardrobe. When it comes to fashion, you should totally take the ‘pink florals’ trend literally — go for it with pale pink, bubblegum, and magenta. Look for feminine silhouettes and sumptuous, silky, satiny fabrics. But for the home…change it up a bit.

Photo Credit: Mohito via Fashion Gone Rogue

When it comes to adding pink into the home, I suggest really putting some thought into it, lest your living room look like a nursery! It’s quite the fine line. Selecting a gorgeous ornate bohemian-style rug is a great option. I suggest looking for rugs with lots of pattern, but in a color palette that grounds the pink. Whether it’s skinny lines of black (hello, Surya Wilmington rug) or soft tones of ivory, white, and other neutrals, be sure to really pay attention to the color. If you DO want to go floral, look for rugs in unexpected color combos.

Shopping Guide:

Surya Wilmington rug

Colonial Mills Westminster Blush Pink rug

Surya Hillcrest pink, burgundy, beige rug

Nourison Impressionist pastel rug

Capel Genevieve Gorder Elsinore Mandala rug

Loloi Rugs Lola Shag

Jaipur Rugs Winslow Sebree rug

Surya Transcendent rug

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Pretty In Pink In The Home

I’m gonna put it all out there. I love pink (ok, and Molly Ringwald too), but hands down it’s one of my favorite colors. Every single shade from blush to bubblegum to hot pink to coral to deep dark magenta…pink makes me squeal with delight. Lucky for me, Pantone announced Rose Quartz as color of the year, so pink is trending – especially in home decor. No longer is this hue only for Barbie and her Malibu dream house. No way José. This color is simple, modern, and beautiful.

Via Dwell

There are so many ways to celebrate this fantastic color in your own home. You can be bold and make a statement with bright splashes or keep it subtle with hits of soothing bashful blush. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Woah, she’s crazy. Pink is soooooo not versatile”, but i beg to differ. Let’s look as some of my favorite pink color combinations, shall we?


See, I told you pink wasn’t just for little girls and grandmas. Pink can be sophisticated, glam, or romantic.

Via Russell Smith

Another thing to keep in mind when decorating with pink is that you don’t have to stick to one shade. Experiment a bit by mixing fuschia with blush for balance. You want to be impactful, not distracting.

Have I convinced you to add in some pink to your home decor? Where would you put it? In the bedroom? Living room? Dining room? I presently have pink and navy in my bedroom and am gearing up to decorate my dining room with the same color pairing. Here are a few of my favorite rugs that will make pink shine in your room and give your space that “Wow” factor.


1 Surya – Zahra – Magenta, Teal, Eggplant

2 Loloi Rugs – Lola Shag – Blush, Ivory

3 Loloi Rugs – Lola Shag – Pink, Purple

4 Jaipur Rugs – Ann – Raggedy – Red

5 Oriental Weavers – Kaleidoscope – Pink, Navy 

6 Surya – Luna – Coral, Sea Foam, Lemon, Violet


Blushing: How to Use Blush Pink in the Home

Photo: derlys 

There’s something about the color blush. The name is perfectly fitting, the tone soft, and the result sweet (sometimes even sultry). Blush seems to be everywhere I look this month — in my friends’ wardrobes, in all of spring’s blooms, and most definitely in home decor.

When used correctly blush doesn’t have to be overtly feminine. Pair it with a calming grey for relaxation or a bold pattern for a modern aesthetic. You don’t have to go crazy, consider a half-painted wall or collection of accessories to bring the light pink into your space.

I love this room that features blush pink walls and strong black and white accents. The result is a graphic, polished finish that could be put to use in any room of your home. It also allows for a great mixing of styles – the modern lines of the soft with the traditional legs of the coffee table go together so well.

Take a look at this diagonal accent wall in the palest of pinks. In this office space the partnering of light grey and blush create a low-stress environment that will hopefully increase productivity in a creative way.

Nordic Design-2

You can also opt to go all in, like this space with blush walls and furniture. But because it’s so pale — nearly acting as a neutral — I’m hard pressed to feel anything but serene while looking at this space.

Blush can be interpreted as many shades of pink, why not add some to your space as a fun touch for summer?
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