Traditional Oriental Rugs for Modern Interiors

Oriental Rugs 1

Oriental rugs are frequently seen in traditional spaces, where they bring an air of opulence that suits the luxe vibe of high-end interiors. However don’t discount this style of rug if your style runs more towards the simple and modern. Many designers, as exemplified by Kate Arends from Wit + Delight, are now using traditional rugs to great effect in clean, minimalist interiors.

Oriental Rugs 2

When combined, the clean lines of modern or industrial furniture provide a striking counterpoint to the detailed handiwork of Oriental rugs. Look for floor coverings with rich reds or deep blues. Then add decor elements in powder coated steel, bleached wood, or molded fiberglass. When old meets new, you’ll be amazed at the results!

Oriental Rugs 3

Shopping Guide: 1. Orange Oriental Rug 2. Blue Oriental Rug 3. Grey Oriental Rug 4. Navy and Red Oriental Rug Images 1-4. Wit + Delight Instagram 5. Melissa Oholendt Instagram

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