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Nuevo Estilo

Talking about types of hallways is like talking about different shapes of the human body – wildly variable. The one overarching statement would be that it would be a shame to neglect yours because there are so many ways to showoff each unique space.

The most popular way is likely a gallery wall of family photos or art, and while it’s not terrible, it is expected. Turn this traditional look on its head by adding a picture ledge or two and leaning your frames against the wall instead of hanging them from nails. Bonus: You won’t need to make a new hole in the wall every time you swap out or add to your collection.

Planete Deco

Make a graphic impact by adding your favorite wallpaper to the mix! This look is a great way to make the hallway a focal point, rather than just a corridor to walk through on your way to another room. For smaller areas consider large patterns and a more pared down color palette for a super chic look.

Maine Home Design

Finding the best spot for my ever-growing book collection is always a struggle, but if you’re blessed with a long hallway and wall space the answer is easy. Whether you go for built-ins that look like they’ve always been part of your home or freestanding shelves that can be moved around, you just can’t lose!

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Adding a mirror to any area will instantly make it feel better through illusion, but have you ever thought to add one (or two) to your hallway? My favorite tip is to place a floor length mirror at the end of any hallway to give a look of infinite space. The photo above couldn’t illustrate this more perfectly – you can hardly see the mirror!


If you’re lucky enough to have something other than wall to wall carpeting in your home, treat the flooring in your hallways like any other space and add something underfoot. Carpet runners are ideal and can add so much personality and charm to an area that can be so easily neglected.


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