Guest Room Checklist For The Holidays

Have overnight visitors coming for Thanksgiving weekend or the winter holidays this year? Get your guest space all ready with these top 10 guest room essentials and extra touches to make their stay comfortable.

Refresh Restyle Bedroom
Refresh Restyle

1. Cozy bedding. Aim to include a comfortable mattress pad, sheets, pillow shams and a duvet or quilt. A soft and cozy throw blanket at the foot of the bed can provide extra warmth on chilly evenings. Consider going for a soft neutral palette like the one shown here for maximum versatility — crisp white sheets paired with cream and tan accents is sophisticated and works equally well in all seasons.

Domino Books

2. Something to read. A stack of books including a mix of favorite authors and local info is a nice touch for the bedside table.

Domino Bath

3. Towels and toiletries. Have some of those little trial-size toiletries laying around? Gather them up and plunk them in a pretty bowl or cup to offer to your guests in case they forgot something. Also be sure to set out fresh bath and hand towels — I’m partial to fluffy white towels or thin, striped turkish towels.

Emily Henderson bedroom
Emily Henderson

4. Rug. A soft rug underfoot is a necessity if you have hard flooring — but even if you have carpeting, consider layering a colorful runner or fluffy faux hide on top. Your guests will appreciate the extra softness underfoot.

5. Bedside lighting. Overhead lighting alone is simply not enough. Add a bedside lamp on each side of the bed so your guests can read in bed. And before your guests arrive, remember to check that the bulbs work!

Guest Room Checklist
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6. Valet hooks. Your guests will want a spot to hang up a few items of clothing, but you might not have a full closet rod or dresser available. What to do? Install a few hooks instead. Valet hooks (like the ones shown top left) are a style of wall hook perfect for hanging up a hanger or two to keep clothes neat and wrinkle-free.

7. Coffee station. Gather up an electric kettle, french press, mugs, ground coffee and tea on a pretty tray so your guests can help themselves to a hot coffee in the morning or relaxing herbal tea before bed. Bonus: if they’re up early, they won’t have to worry about bothering you to find out where anything is!

8. Workstation. Including a small desk along with your home’s wifi code is a great way to make your guest feel at home. If you’re short on space in your guest room, consider including a slim desk and shelf combination like the one shown here.

Kelly Nan Bedroom
Kelley Nan

9. Extra pillows and blankets. Keep a few varieties of pillows and a spare blanket on hand so guests can grab them if needed. Feel free to leave these items out on the bed or on a nearby bench — if you do opt to stash them inside a closet, be sure to let your guests know where these items are kept so they can get them if needed.

10. Water. After being on the road to travel to your home, your guests will probably be thirsty! Provide a carafe of water with a few glasses, or stock their bedside tables with bottled water so they can hydrate. For bonus points add a small vase of fresh flowers and a scented candle.

To shop for a cozy guest room rug, consider one of these go-with-anything beauties:

Guest Room Rugs

Rug shopping guide (clockwise from top left): Monaco by Safavieh in grey; Anastasia by Loloi Rugs in light blue; Anastasia by Loloi Rugs in desert and brown; Rhapsody by Surya in cream.

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Prep Your Space for Overnight Guests

Prep your space for guests

When you are expecting overnight guests, getting ready can make even the most calm among us completely frazzled. But a bit of preparation will leave you feeling relaxed and ready, and make your visitors feel right at home.


The first thing to do is clear any clutter out of the guest zone. So often guest rooms become the clutter dumping zone of the house, but of course no one wants to stay overnight in a room with junk, so that clutter has got to go! Guest rooms can also become quite dusty when they haven’t been used in some time, so vacuuming (including under the bed), and dusting the surfaces is essential. Once the cleaning is done, make the bed with fresh sheets, and fold a few extra blankets at the foot of the bed.

guest room

Once the basics are in order, it’s time to focus on those little details that make staying over a pleasure. A small desk where your guests can plug in their laptop, a candle (with matches) and fresh flowers on the bedside table, and a basket of toiletries (it’s so easy to forget something when you’re traveling!) are welcome additions. Be sure to also include a stack of fluffy bath and hand towels, a bottle of water and glass, and a printed card with your house wifi password. Want to go the extra mile? A stack of current favorite books and magazines, a bar of chocolate and some roasted nuts, and a pristine white robe will win you major points!

rug recipes

If you’re decorating a guest room from scratch, look to the style of the rest of your home and carry it through into the guest space for consistency. For a welcoming rustic farmhouse look, try a natural fiber rug and oak secretary desk; for a modern glam guest room, go with a sleek white desk and plush rug. To keep costs down, consider using mattresses on a simple platform rather than a headboard, and accent the bed with a beautiful textile hanging on the wall above it.

Shopping Guide (clockwise from top left): Kayla Oak writing deskSafavieh natural fiber rugSurya Candice Olson Modern Classics rugBrandon White Hide-Away desk.

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