6 Tips for an Organized Entryway

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Bria Hammel Interiors

Entryways don’t hold much weight during summer, when we’re all wearing far less clothing and the school year is an afterthought. But once autumn rolls around things find a way of stacking up – fast. A good entryway can act as ground zero when it comes to keeping life organized and thought out. Check out these simple tips for making the most of the space you have.

Tip #1
Perhaps the most used lamp in the entire place, a tabletop lamp in the entryway can be flipped on as you head out the door. No one wants to come home to a dark place after work. Not only that, but it manages to add both height and style to whatever nook you carve out.

Jenny Komenda

Tip #2
Someplace to Sit
Every entryway needs a place to sit while wrangling shoes on and off or waiting for someone else to get ready. A bench, a chair, a small stool – all do the job nicely without occupying a lot of real estate and also offer an extra seat to pull up to the table when necessary.

Homey Oh My

Tip #3
Clip a few flowers from the yard and pop them into a vase or pick up a bunch of greenery at the farmer’s market for a fast and cheap bouquet. I don’t do this all the time, but make a point of it when having guests over. The extra touch makes the entryway feel like more than an afterthought and helps to give a great first impression of your home.

Style At Home

Tip #4
A Basket
Add a medium size basket to act as a catchall for umbrellas, scarves, and whatever else can be tossed in. You’ll never have to wonder where that second glove disappeared to ever again and manage to keep rain and melting snow off of your floors. Bonus tip – add a boot tray nearby to keep things even cleaner this winter.


Tip #5
A Console
If you can spare the space for a small library table or desk your entryway organization can be taken to the next level. Add a tray for mail, keys, and sunglasses while storing stamps and other little things in the drawers. It also makes for a great spot to have your kids leave permission slips and anything else that needs signing.

A Pair & A Spare

Tip #6
A Sturdy Rug
It’s no secret that any rug in an entryway is going to have to be able to handle more foot traffic than others. Choose a sturdy, durable weave in a color or pattern that’s not likely to show small marks from dirty shoes, etc. Here are a few of my favorites from Rugs Direct:

Entryway Rugs

For more inspiration from Kelly, follow along with her at Design Crush!

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Design a Welcoming Entrance with Entryway Rugs

Entryways 1

A well-designed entryway is a marriage of form and function. To create the perfect entryway, incorporate the three P’s into your decor: Personality, practicality, and peace. Personality is the specific style you choose, and it sends a message about your unique perspective on the world. Practicality is the consideration for the many capacities of an entryway, including storage and traffic control.  And peace is the sum of the first two as well as so much more. It is the grounding and positive energy that says to everyone who crosses your threshold, ‘Come in and stay awhile’.

Entryways 2

Floor coverings play a major role in the three P’s of entryway design. For the most versatile effect, look for neutral runners that incorporate a sense of utilitarian beauty. The long, narrow proportions of a runner direct the flow from your front door into the rest of your space. Weighty materials like sisal or synthetic wool blends not only remain anchored beneath foot traffic, they also withstand years of wear and tear. Natural hues such as ecru, beige, and tan complement a diverse range of styles, while subtle patterns offer a dynamic sensibility that complements the rest of your entryway decor. Choose your entryway runner wisely and it will welcome you home for years to come!

Shopping Guide: 1. Patterned Runner 2. Traditional Patterned Runner 3. Traditional Oriental Runner 4. Sisal Runner 5. Neutral Runner Rug 6. Natural Fiber Runner

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Make a Fresh Start in the Entry


It’s the first thing people notice when they visit your home, and it’s the only part of your home some people (like neighbors and delivery drivers) will ever see. Doesn’t it make sense to put your best foot forward? Having a neat, chic entryway makes coming home a pleasure — and gets you out the door with less stress in the morning. Your entryway works hard, but it doesn’t have to be all work and no play.

Give your entryway a fresh start by checking these 10 essentials off your list.


1. A clean, clutter-free space. The first (and most important!) thing to do is clear away all of the stuff cluttering up your entryway and giving the space a good cleaning. Rather than keep all of your shoes and coats by the door, try keeping only the one or two you use most often, and store the others elsewhere. Likewise, clear away old mail, papers, and other items that don’t belong. Clean the floors and remove scuff marks from the walls.

2. A place to perch while taking off and putting on shoes. Being able to sit down while getting your shoes on or off is so much more civilized than awkwardly balancing on one foot — your guests will appreciate it! A bench or chair is a good choice for a larger space; a small stool or ottoman tucked beneath your entry table works well for tight spots.

3. Shoe, bag, and coat storage. If you don’t have a coat closet near the door, wall hooks or a coat rack and a boot tray are a must. A basket or shelf for holding bags is a nice touch as well. If you do have a coat closet, adding hooks inside the door and a shoe rack on the floor will make it even more functional.

4. A place for mail and keys. This can be as simple as a floating shelf with a few tiny hooks beneath it, or as elaborate as an antique chest with drawers — the point is to have one place where you always stash these key items. If you have a large drawer, use drawer dividers to keep it from turning into a junk drawer.

5. A mirror. A must to check for crazy hair and spinach in the teeth on your way out the door!

6. Artwork. Choose a piece of artwork that inspires you and place it prominently by the door where it can give you a mood boost as you are coming and going.


7. Right-sized rug. Traditional doormat-size rugs (roughly 2×3 feet) are appropriate for some entryways, but if your entry is a different size or shape, you may want to look beyond the traditional. A larger rectangular rug (such as a 3×5 size) works well to fill out a larger foyer. If you have a long hall, a runner will give you ample room — I am especially fond of the Safavieh Chatham rug in blue, and the Safavieh Dhurrie in green, both shown above. Patterns like the hexagon print rug (shown above) and stripes, like the Surya Calvin rug, work well in the entry because they manage to hide dirt while being stylish.


8. Proper lighting. Make sure your entry is inviting and cozy by providing ample lighting. A working porch light outside your front door is a must, plus an overhead light on a dimmer switch or a pair of table lamps inside. Multiple light sources with lower-watt bulbs are more flattering than a single, bright lamp.

9. Flexible extra storage. Always try to keep a little extra room in a basket, bin, or closet, for unexpected needs. If you live in a climate with cold winters, for instance, think about providing room for those winter hats and mittens, even if you are planning your entryway in the summer.

10. Something fresh and flowers! Even if it’s a tiny bud vase with a single bloom, having a little something pretty makes coming home a joy. Treat yourself!

Rug Shopping Guide: Safavieh Chatham rug in blue, Safavieh Dhurrie in green, Dynamic Rugs Trend Collection in light gray, and Surya Calvin rug.

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