Fashion Translation: Incorporating Denim-Inspired Rugs into Your Home

It’s a well-established fact that anything blue is trending right now. From shades of pale blue to rich navy, these inky hues are everywhere, especially in the home decor world. The look can quickly cross over into preppy style territory, so my favorite way to incorporate this trend into my home is by pulling inspiration from a true fashion staple: my favorite pair of jeans!


Image credit: J.Crew via Fashion Gone Rogue.


These denim-inspired rugs are the perfect way to embrace the blue trend in your home, while also maintaining a laid back, casual vibe. There are many opportunities for patterns in this look, as well. A simple geometric stripe or skinny stripe takes the blue rug to a totally different place, one that’s perfect for a kitchen or sunroom. Similarly, an ornate overdyed rug provides the perfect foundation for a mature master bedroom. When shopping for this trend, look for striations in color, rather than solid fields of blue. This simple tip will keep your look looking more boho than preppy!

A few favorites (from top to bottom, left to right):

Surya Zahra rug

Surya Amadeo rug

Dalyn Torino ombre rug

Surya Trenza rug

Jaipur Rugs Coastal Shores stripe rug

Surya denim rug

Jaipur Rugs Britta rug

Safavieh Himalaya rug

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Denim Daze

Denim 1

Oh, denim… so ubiquitous, so comfortable, so easy and carefree. Ever the staple, a good pair of jeans is hard to come by, but when you do, you know. It’s just like falling in love. I prefer my denim picks to have a lived-in, vintage feel… covered in rips, tears, and shredded. To me, nothing quite says ‘summer’ like donning a pair of well-worn cut offs. If overly distressed denim isn’t your thing, try a pair of retro-inspired bell bottoms. The key to this look is to toss on a pair of taller shoes, like wedge espadrilles, to draw your eye upward and make you feel sky-high tall. I pair my denim with practically everything: borrowed-from-the-boys buttondowns, flowy and lacy white tops, even a chunky knit sweater for those cooler summer nights. Distressed denim is the ultimate way to achieve that ‘cool fashion girl’ look with minimal effort.

Denim 2

When it comes to interiors, it’s pretty simple to incorporate this look. There’s such a variety available: from navy-hued global patterns to a more traditional tie dye, even a modern ombre. I especially love the idea of embracing the true artistry associated with denim as shown in this painterly Luli Sanchez rug. Plus, because denim is the ultimate neutral and basic, you can pair these rugs with any look and any accessory. Layer on ivory furniture for a modern look or opt for a patterned sofa (think of it as a patterned tee!). Another great decorating tip is to select a couple rugs that share a denim-hued color palette and layer them. The results are eclectic, bohemian, and super casual.

Photo Credit: LA Cool & Chic, Refinery 29, and ioLA.

Shopping: Painterly Luli Sanchez rug, Momeni habitat rug, Jaipur Rugs agua madhu rug, and Trans Ocean Imports ombre rug.

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