5 Ways to Perk Up Your Home With Color

It’s always around this point — about halfway through winter — that the gray skies begin to take their toll. Enough already, we want some color! Since spring is still a flip of the calendar away, it’s time to take matters into our own hands. So pour yourself a mug of something hot to drink, and feast your eyes on these sunny, happy projects, and quick ideas. Then pick one (or more!) to try, and see your home bloom with glorious, rich color.

Amelia Tatnall Lawrence for Paper & Stitch

Idea #1 — Add fresh flowers, fruit, and books. This is so quick, easy, and affordable, you’ll want to keep it on repeat. The next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers (anything that catches your eye), and a bag of citrus fruit. When you get home, pile the fruit into a pretty bowl, put the flowers in a vase of water, and set both on your coffee table. Clear away the random papers and other junk, and place a pretty stack of books from your own bookshelves on the table beside the flowers and fruit. And voila, you have a colorful, beautifully styled coffee table sure to light up the whole room.

Amelia Tatnall Lawrence for Mollie Makes magazine

Idea #2 — Paint a half-wall. It’s true that this project requires significantly more effort than, say, buying a bouquet of flowers. But it’s a lot quicker and easier than painting a whole room! Painting just half a wall, in fact, takes much less time than you probably think (just a few hours), and the results are so darn cool, it’s well worth the effort.

Tip: Pick a wall where the base color is already white (or at least a pale neutral), and splurge on the high-quality painter’s tape to make a really crisp line with ease.

Paper & Stitch

Idea #3 — DIY Stick-on tiles. If you have a really dated floor you’d love to cover with on-trend cement tiles, but need a more budget-friendly option, this DIY from Paper & Stitch could be just the thing for you. By customizing peel-and-stick vinyl tiles with a DIY painted on pattern, you can create a really unique floor covering without breaking the bank.

Note: This project is not recommended for renters, because the glue backing may leave a residue when you remove the tiles.

Amelia Tatnall Lawrence for Mollie Makes magazine

Idea #4 — Frame some large-scale artwork. Adding a great big framed poster to a wall, or atop a credenza, is a great way to add big-impact color without spending a fortune or doing anything permanent to your space. So if you’re a renter, and dream of being able to paint the walls or stick cool tiles on the floors, this can be a really lovely alternative. Choose art with your heart, without worrying about what anyone else will think. It’s your home, and it should make you happy…end of story!

Paper & Stitch

Idea #5 — Layer on colorful textiles. Rolling out a new rug or adding a warm throw to your sofa or favorite chair are foolproof ways to add color to your space. In the room shown here, a simple white throw was upgraded with handmade tassels for a colorful twist.

Whichever projects you choose to try, here’s to a cozy winter…and an early spring!

Rug shopping guide: (clockwise from top left) Safavieh Bellagio in red and pink; Feizy Rugs Arushi in orange; Kaleen Rosaic rug in lime green; Safavieh Soho rug in rust.

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Colorful Modern Rugs for Kids

It seems to be a universal truth that kids love color, and the more, the better! So whether you’re updating your child’s bedroom or play space, or starting a fresh space from scratch, read on for loads of inspiration to create a fresh, colorful, modern room your kiddo (and you) will love.

Petite Interior Co.

Look No. 1: Pastel Brights. In the space shown here, color is playful and bold, with a geometric print rug, wall mural, and mint green bed frame — not to mention the colorful baskets and toys! And yet overall, the room manages to feel fresh and serene. How is this accomplished? In a nutshell, with ample white space. Beginning with a clean palette of white walls and pale or neutral flooring grounds the space and gives all of the fun, colorful pieces some much-needed breathing room. Also, note that while there are a lot of colors present, they are all bright pastels, which work together because they are in the same “family”.

Petite Interior Co.

Look No. 2: Sophisticated Modern. In the next space, shown above, we also see pastels — but this time used as accent pieces, rather than main colors, and more muted in tone. A delicate black and white wallpaper, modern furniture, and gold metallic-trimmed rug pull together to create a space that an older child could happily live with well into the pre-teen years.

Apartment Therapy

Look No.3: Natural Modern. In this room, a tactile felt rug, natural wood furniture, and rainbow artwork work together to create a handcrafted-yet-modern look. If you’re craving a space that is simple and serene, but your child wants color, color, and more color, this could strike just the right balance. The rainbow art and rug are boldly colorful, to be sure, but the slightly muted hues still have a natural look that plays well with organic textiles and modern scandinavian wood furniture.

Apartment Therapy

Look No.4: Bold and Playful. In this Netherlands bedroom, a wild mix of safari-inspired wallpaper, lemon-yellow bed, and zebra-print rug are a fitting match for the playful young gentleman who lives here. Sometimes in decorating a boy’s room, it’s easy to get stuck on too-serious navy and gray, but this space proves that boys can have wildly colorful rooms, too! Once again, notice the ample white space: this time, not only the walls but the floors, too, are painted white. It’s essential to have some breathing room — but the great thing is, once that’s in place, you can really go nuts with color!

Ready to try this at home? I recommend starting with clean white or pale neutral walls, and then beginning to layer in colorful elements within the same color family: choose all pastels; or hits of neon brights; or warm, rich, muted tones. A fabulous rug to anchor the room is a must, so I rounded up 9 of my current top favorites that the kiddos will love, too:

Rug Shopping Guide:

Top row, left to right: Surya Lullaby Waves in sky blue, pink, and purple; Couristan Spectrum Illuminations; Kaleen Lily and Liam in denim

Middle row, left to right: Kate Spade New York Gramercy in off-white and black; Surya Skidaddle Floral Print in lime and sky blue; Couristan Spectrum Fluorescents in beige and red

Bottom row, left to right: Surya Leap Frog Moroccan in purple; Loloi Rugs Lola Shag in plum and white; Loloi Rugs Piper in blue sky

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Boost Happiness With The Right Color In Your Home

Allison Serrell for SF Girl By Bay

From fiery, hot-tempered red to cool, soothing blue, colors can elicit strong reactions, both positive and negative. By tapping into the power of color psychology (and by noticing how you respond to color) you can create a home that plays up the positive and leaves negativity at the door.

Minna Jones stylist

Red, orange, and yellow are warming, social hues, making them a good choice for areas of the home where you like to gather with friends and family.

Red is the color of passion, action, and anger, so it’s no wonder many folks have a love-it or hate-it reaction to red! Reds with a bit of brown in them are usually perceived as more mellow, while a bright, clear red is fresh and modern.

Orange is the color of optimism, happiness, and social communication, making it a wonderful hue for a living room. Rich saffron feels warm and exotic, while a bright tangerine hue is youthful and fun.

Yellow is the color of joy, cheerfulness, and mental stimulation. This hue can make a delightful accent in any social space or study, but remember, a little goes a long way!

Anne Millet via SF Girl By Bay

Green and blue are cool, relaxing hues ideal for spaces where you want to encourage rest and relaxation.

Green is the color of growth, freshness, and harmony, and tends to make people feel safe and secure. A soft green can make a calming choice for a nursery, while a deeper forest green would be ideal in a cozy library.

Blue is the color of sea and sky, and just being around this hue can have a calming effect. Blue represents truth, trust, wisdom, and stability. It’s lovely in the bedroom and bath, but intensely saturated blues can also hold their own in a living or dining room.

Domino Magazine

With a bit of blue and a bit of red, purple is something of a mysterious color. This hue has long been associated with royalty, and still conveys feelings of wealth and abundance. But it’s also a spiritual color, and can represent the imagination. Try using purple in the bedroom for a serene escape.

Overdyed rugs have deeply saturated hues that can completely transform a space – try one in a hue that makes you happy!

Rug shopping guide (clockwise from top left): Louis de Poortere Fading World rug in Pink and Light Burgundy; Surya Hathaway rug  in Rust; Oriental Weavers Revival rug in Purple and Gray; Artistic Weavers Elegant Maya rug in Green and Teal.

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Richly Colored Rooms Done Right

Desire to Inspire

I’m really feeling jewel-toned colors right now, especially on walls and especially when done just right. Once upon a time, I lived in a house with a navy blue guest room that was one of my favorite spaces I’ve ever designed. The perfect navy offers darkness, but also warmth. It feels luxe and cozy and welcoming, and the bathroom above nails it.

via The LuxPad

But no one says bold, rich color needs to be relegated to walls alone. This living space daringly pairs unexpected mauve toned walls with rusty, velvet furniture and it looks amazing! The things that hold it all together are those you might not even notice – the neutral rug, white frames, and baseboard.

Design Sponge-2

This bathroom is the stuff dreams are made of, at least my dreams. If these luxurious hand-glazed tiles blanketed my bath you’d never get me out! The various green tones cover not only the floor, but also the tub itself and the walls. There are only two words to describe it – ALL IN.

Design Sponge-1

A guest room with a relaxing turquoise wall color is the perfect retreat, not only for guests but for you! All off those neutral colored pieces of art, along with the natural wood floor, help balance things out. And let’s not forget rugs…they can be downright bold in their own right when it comes to adding a big ol’ pop of color to any space.


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