Boho Runners Done Right

Sabra Lattos Photography
Sabra Lattos via My Domaine

Lately I’ve found myself thinking about all of the long and narrow spaces within the walls of my home that could use a little something before cold weather strikes. Mainly because I don’t want to freeze my toes off walking around on cold nights, but also because those areas are missed opportunities to add even more personality to the decor.

Paige Jones
Paige Jones

When it comes to rugs my personal preference leans in the bohemian direction. I love the colors and patterns associated with the style, not to mention that those patterns generally help hide marks and stains exceptionally well. I have a space similar to the one above between an island and a wall of cabinets in my kitchen. The small rug I have in place now is perfect for summer, when cool wood floors feel oh-so-good underfoot, but I’d like to add something more for the later months. A runner is the perfect size and some bold color wouldn’t go unnoticed once the outside world goes grey.

Kate Marker Interiors

There’s a small hallway between the entry into my house and the kitchen that I’d love to layer up. I already have a beautiful rug laid in front of the door, but am entertaining the idea of overlaying a runner that would lead you into the next room directly on top. If ever there’s a time to take advantage of the tiered look it’s this time of year!

Wiff Harmer Photography

I’m out to conquer the common misconception that you can’t place a floor rug on top of wall to wall. That’s right, you can! My upstairs hallway is covered in the stuff, beige no less. A pretty boho runner full of deep tones and pattern is just begging to be put down to liven the space up. It will also make that early morning walk to the shower just a little more interesting!


1. Safavieh Adirondack in silver and black  2. Surya Banshee in cherry, hot pink, and mauve  3. Safavieh Cambridge in navy blue and ivory  4. Surya Jewel Tone in midnight blue, persimmon, and hibiscus  5. Surya Jute in natural bleached  6. Surya Scarborough in charcoal, olive, rust, and cherry

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Fashion Translation: Pattern Mixing, the boho way.

Whether spring is in full-effect where you live… or you’re buried under a blanket of snow, it’s the perfect time to update your space. One of my favorite fashion trends is still going strong: print mixing. Today I want to share some of my favorite ways to incorporate this fashion-forward look into your home, but with bohemian vibes.

Pattern Mixing

The first look is rather rather bohemian and colorful, don’t you think? Now, this is a look that reminds me of being on vacation. I suggest taking cues from far off places and adding a global touch to your home. Then, make it feel more modern by layering on a touch of geometric. My biggest piece of advice centers around the scale of each pattern: make sure to select prints that are different enough so that they don’t compete visually.

Photo Credit: Tory Burch.

Shopping Guide:

Dalyn modern greys rug + Jaipur Rugs Manhattan Abbot rug

Karastan Panache Archipelago rug + Loloi Rugs Charlotte rug

Dalyn modern greys rug + Surya Beth Lacefield Calaveras rug

Pattern Mixing 2

If layering rugs isn’t your speed, perhaps it’s best to try mixing and matching pillows and rugs. I suggest identifying a single color from your patterned rug that really speaks to you and using that to inspire your pillow pattern selection. I also love the idea of adding a suzani rug to pretty much any space for that special, boho look.

Photo Credit: Ing Things.

Shopping Guide:

Surya Mike Farrell Polka Dot pillow + Safavieh cedar brook rug

Surya Indoor/Outdoor pillow + Concord Global Matrix Susani rug

Surya Moroccan Ikat Dots pillow + Trans Ocean Imports Liora Manne rug

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Gettin’ Boho In The Home

a pair & a spare
Photo: A Pair & A Spare 

Boho chic is everywhere right now, which you’ve most likely noticed unless you’re living under a proverbial rock. Admittedly I first shied away from this trend because it can be so in your face with all of those bright colors and patterns. But like anything it’s all about moderation – unless you like the more is more look and then I say go for it!

Photo: Design Love Fest 

Another way to embrace the myriad of patterns that fit into the boho look is to select pieces in the same color family. By doing so you can take advantage of the eclectic global textiles that are a mainstay of this artistic and visual style without feeling like you’re living inside of a rainbow.

Photo: Refinery29

I think the key to making the bohemian look work – and looking like you’re not trying too hard – is to collect pieces slowly instead of in one fell swoop. A tapestry here, a rug there, pillows over there. The look you want to aim to for is comfortable and lived in, not I bought this at the big box store last weekend.

The Design Files
Photo: The Design Files

One of the best parts of boho style is the Anything Goes card, because it really does. Feel free to embrace aspects of the look that fit your personality instead of going whole hog. I love the idea of pulling a few bohemian pillows, a wall tapestry, or a colorful rug into a classical mix.


Shop the Style: 1. Safavieh Navajo Kilim 2. Geoloom Matador 3. Loloi Rugs Santana 4. Surya Aztec 5. Jaipur Rugs Anatolia Izmir 6. Colonial Mills Sedona

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