Boho Rugs to Update Your Kitchen

The kitchen at my new house needs some major work, but until I’m able to do a full renovation, I’ve brainstormed ways to make it feel nicer without a massive undertaking. A fresh coat of paint and new hardware has worked some magic, but the floors are pretty hideous. I recently discovered that covering my 1970s linoleum with a bright and boho rug is the perfect solution! The bright color palette makes the room feel less dreary, while the pattern makes the room feel more interesting. I’m really glad I stumbled upon this trick and wanted to share a few of my favorite rugs that would be perfect in a boho kitchen:

Boho Kitchen Rugs

For the kitchen, I urge you to shop for a flat woven rug because it’s more durable for a high-traffic area. Also, if you’re clumsy when you cook (like me), a flat woven rug is way easier to keep clean! I also prefer the way a low-pile rug feels when I’m walking back and forth from the sink to the stove, something I do frequently as I cook.

A few favorites are:

Jaipur Rugs Bedouin Amman rug

Kate Spade New York Nolita seaside stripe rug

Jaipur Rugs Luli Sanchez En Casa Sawyer rug

Safavieh Natural Kilim rug

Neutral Boho Rugs

We painted over the existing mustard yellow with a warm, creamy white until we knew more about how the official kitchen renovation would look. Mostly, it was just to get rid of the old color! For now, I want the rug to make the statement in my kitchen and be the center of attention. That being said, there are some truly beautiful neutral options that are still boho in feel. These rugs are proof that you can go boho while maintaining a pared-down color palette.

A few favorites:

Loloi Rugs Adler rug

Kaleen Nomad rug

Surya Frontier rug

Jaipur Rugs traditions made modern rug

For more inspiration from Joanna, follow along with her at Jojotastic!

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Gettin’ Boho In The Home

a pair & a spare
Photo: A Pair & A Spare 

Boho chic is everywhere right now, which you’ve most likely noticed unless you’re living under a proverbial rock. Admittedly I first shied away from this trend because it can be so in your face with all of those bright colors and patterns. But like anything it’s all about moderation – unless you like the more is more look and then I say go for it!

Photo: Design Love Fest 

Another way to embrace the myriad of patterns that fit into the boho look is to select pieces in the same color family. By doing so you can take advantage of the eclectic global textiles that are a mainstay of this artistic and visual style without feeling like you’re living inside of a rainbow.

Photo: Refinery29

I think the key to making the bohemian look work – and looking like you’re not trying too hard – is to collect pieces slowly instead of in one fell swoop. A tapestry here, a rug there, pillows over there. The look you want to aim to for is comfortable and lived in, not I bought this at the big box store last weekend.

The Design Files
Photo: The Design Files

One of the best parts of boho style is the Anything Goes card, because it really does. Feel free to embrace aspects of the look that fit your personality instead of going whole hog. I love the idea of pulling a few bohemian pillows, a wall tapestry, or a colorful rug into a classical mix.


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