It’s a Trend: Oversized Headboards

A Beautiful Mess
A Beautiful Mess

Just when you think you’ve seen everything bedroom decor has to offer, along comes something refreshingly different. I’m talking about oversized headboards. If you want your bed to make a big statement you’re definitely going to want to check out this trend and the possibilities that come along with it. The channel tufted version above is an absolute dream that makes the shorter walls from the slanted ceiling feel much taller as a result of its sheer size.

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But don’t feel like you need to stay to the tried and true route. This bedroom went the route of a massive folding screen behind a fairly standard headboard. It manages to mimic the wall’s angles and helps to create a cozy cocoon of the bed and tables. I really like the layered headboard look, but it’s safe to say that this design would look just as good without the shorter one.

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Different versions of this extra tall tufted headboard are probably the most popular, and I can’t help but think of the various lighting options these big guys lend themselves to. These library lights are stunning, but pendants hanging in the same spots or swing lights would be just as show-stopping.

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Here’s an example of those pendants with an extra wide velvet channel tufted beauty. I like that they didn’t double up and add a table lamp as well, it helps clear up space for plants, books, and whatever else takes up that bedside table real estate. In this space, the designer matched the bedskirt to the headboard to make it feel more connected, but what’s so great about this trend is that you can simply slide that oversized headboard right behind a platform bed for a brand new look.

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If you’re interested and want to experiment there’s also the DIY route. Control the size and intricacy of your piece by using wood and making your own with plywood, two by fours, or anything else you’re drawn to. Finish in a stain, get creative with some paint, or cover it over with batting and fabric for your own tufted masterpiece! You can also create the illusion of an oversized headboard by hanging a large rug on the wall, like these.


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6 Ways to Add Texture to Your Bedroom

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I’m in all-out nesting mode for autumn – the house is decorated for Halloween, all of the plants have been brought indoors until spring, and I’m making a few changes in each room to add that cozy factor. You know what I’m talking about, that thing that makes you sigh with relief when you walk into your home and just feel good. My biggest focus is on the bedroom because it really is the ultimate nest and I tend to spend a little more time in their when it’s chilly outside. (You, too?) And the thing that makes the biggest difference is adding texture in droves.

#1 Bring in the plants
Maybe you’re a crazy plant lady and have a ton or maybe one large one will do just fine. Some plants – like lavender, ivy, spider plants, and snake plants – are even proven to help you get a better sleep! That bright green color is also sure to add some much-needed energy come cold winter mornings.


#2 Bountiful blankets
It’s common sense to add an extra blanket or two to your bed come this time of year, but think beyond that. Mix different patterns and textures together to get those dive-right-in vibes. Choose something with a heavy knit or some fluff that begs to be touched to take things over the top.

Urban Outfitters

#3 The Headboard
If you don’t have a headboard consider adding (or making) one. Something like the tufted one above that simply hangs on the wall would make the perfect cushion to lean against while reading at night or enjoying a weekend breakfast in bed.

Sarah Sherman Samuel

#4 Purposeful baskets
Add some texture and practical storage at the same time by bringing in a few woven baskets. Put them up high on a wardrobe, under a nightstand, or at the foot of the bed. You could even use one to hide the pot of that big plant you’re going to bring in!

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#5 Change up the curtains
Maybe you have boring blinds (hello, renters!) or prefer no window coverings at all, but adding – or changing up – curtains for the cooler months has a money-saving benefit as well as aesthetic. Cover your windows to help keep the heat inside! The heavier the material you choose, the more of a barrier between the glass and your heating bill.

The Jungalow

#6 Add it to the walls
A piece of fiber art can add a pop of artistic interest to your walls or even double as a headboard. Consider stepping outside the box and getting really creative with a shaggy, patterned rug instead. This way you can always relegate back to the floor when you want to change things up or spring arrives, whichever comes first!


For more inspiration from Kelly, follow along with her at Design Crush!

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