Pets On Rugs Winners – Round 1

Winners of #PetsOnRugs

Meet Isabella, Gabrielle and Abigail from our #PetsOnRugs Instagram photo contest!

Ages: 2, 4, 7
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Breeds: Isabella and Gabrielle are Yorkshire Terriers, Abigail is a Yorkie Poodle Mix
Favorite Food: Treats…when we’re good
Favorite Pastime: We love to travel and go for rides in our parents car or motorhome. We get so excited when we see them packing our food and toys to go away, that we run out to the motorhome and won’t get out because we don’t want to get left behind…sometimes we even make our parents carry us back into the house for the night. When the morning comes, we don’t eat our breakfast because we just want to get on the road. Born travelers, we guess.
Oh, and we love playing with our squeaky toys.

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