Decorating with Stripes

my scandinavian home
My Scandinavian Home

Stripes are one of the classiest patterns around, and easily written off as being boring oftentimes. But the thing is that stripes can take on any personality you want — bold, minimal, modern, and even traditional. Because like many things in life, it’s all about how you use them.

House and Garden

The Unexpected. Go against the grain and put stripes into play somewhere unexpected, like the stairwell or the inside of the kitchen cabinets. The wow factor will be present in spades and you’ll find yourself smiling when you catch a glimpse of your clever decorating decision.


Mix and Match. Don’t shy away from mixing different striped patterns. It’s not the same as, say, a paisley and polka dot because they’re all related and in the same family. This room is a fantastic example of mixing done right; keeping to the same color palette will make almost anything feel more cohesive.


Go Bold. Stripes don’t have to be diminutive and preppy, they can be loud and in your face if you’d like them to be! Try patterns with varying widths, saturated colors, and a big presence. Make a piece of furniture front and center by going with the pattern rather than solid, or make stripes the focal point of the entire room by keeping everything else neutral and minimal.


Think Neutral. Stripes is one of those great patterns that also has the ability to function as a neutral. It can go with just about anything! So have fun and experiment with the look by sticking to basic hues and pulling stripes into your existing styling for a fun update.

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Fashion Translation: Modern Patchwork

What does the word ‘patchwork’ bring to mind? Hippie dippie patterns pieced together? Well, kind of… but these days patchwork has a whole new modern meaning. For me, it is all about modern layouts of truly gorgeous miniature prints complete with awesome color combinations and unexpected pairings.

As per usual, I feel like this is a trend that can work in a variety of color palettes, particularly warm and cool palettes. Classic home decor colors of terra cotta, burgundy, plum, and persimmon strike a melodious balance with shades of taupe, chocolate, and olive green. Meanwhile, in the cool color family, I’m loving shades of peacock, turquoise, cobalt, charcoal and ebony all harmoniously living together, side by side.

Photo Credit: Patchwork blanket via Woodybunch.

Shopping Guide:

Jaipur Rugs Sketch Terrain rug

KAS Oriental Reflections Patchwork rug

Louis de Poortere vintage patchwork rug


While this trend is being clearly exhibited in fashion pieces as of late, it is yet another great trend to bring into your home. A modern patchwork rug is the perfect thing to create a comfy, cozy atmosphere in your bedroom — think of an all-white loft/attic space with luxurious textiles, but one really great, statement-making patchwork rug. That is the inspiration, right there!

Photo Credit: Christopher Ferguson via Bohemiandiesel.

Shopping Guide:

Jaipur Rugs sketch terrain rug

Jaipur Rugs sketch terrain rug

Momeni vintage rug

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Boho Runners Done Right

Sabra Lattos Photography
Sabra Lattos via My Domaine

Lately I’ve found myself thinking about all of the long and narrow spaces within the walls of my home that could use a little something before cold weather strikes. Mainly because I don’t want to freeze my toes off walking around on cold nights, but also because those areas are missed opportunities to add even more personality to the decor.

Paige Jones
Paige Jones

When it comes to rugs my personal preference leans in the bohemian direction. I love the colors and patterns associated with the style, not to mention that those patterns generally help hide marks and stains exceptionally well. I have a space similar to the one above between an island and a wall of cabinets in my kitchen. The small rug I have in place now is perfect for summer, when cool wood floors feel oh-so-good underfoot, but I’d like to add something more for the later months. A runner is the perfect size and some bold color wouldn’t go unnoticed once the outside world goes grey.

Kate Marker Interiors

There’s a small hallway between the entry into my house and the kitchen that I’d love to layer up. I already have a beautiful rug laid in front of the door, but am entertaining the idea of overlaying a runner that would lead you into the next room directly on top. If ever there’s a time to take advantage of the tiered look it’s this time of year!

Wiff Harmer Photography

I’m out to conquer the common misconception that you can’t place a floor rug on top of wall to wall. That’s right, you can! My upstairs hallway is covered in the stuff, beige no less. A pretty boho runner full of deep tones and pattern is just begging to be put down to liven the space up. It will also make that early morning walk to the shower just a little more interesting!


1. Safavieh Adirondack in silver and black  2. Surya Banshee in cherry, hot pink, and mauve  3. Safavieh Cambridge in navy blue and ivory  4. Surya Jewel Tone in midnight blue, persimmon, and hibiscus  5. Surya Jute in natural bleached  6. Surya Scarborough in charcoal, olive, rust, and cherry

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Bring on the Plaid

Urban outfitters
Urban Outfitters

Autumn is my absolute favorite season and I’m beyond ready for it. Summer was beautiful this year — more so than most — but I’m ready for football, layers, and plaid! While I don’t have a lot of the classic pattern lining my wardrobe, I do have a few pieces for my home that I really look forward to digging out as soon as the temperature starts dropping below 50-degrees in the evenings.

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren

The obvious way to bring out season patterns is through accessories and small textiles — think throws, kitchen linens, etc. But another way is by switching up your bedding. I have the sweetest set of light grey flannel plaid sheets that more or less live on my bed during the chilliest months of the year.

Apt Therapy
Apartment Therapy

Done right plaid can look downright modern. It’s all about the setting you place it in as well as the style you choose. A pattern with fewer color tones and a larger graphic look does the trick quite nicely.

Eat Sleep Live
Eat Sleep Live

If you’d rather bring plaid into your space in a more year round permanent way I’d suggest sticking to that same idea. Stick to the same color family as your other large pieces, a big and bold pattern instead of a smaller more detailed one, and sleek lines.

Christopher Patey
Christopher Patey

Plaid is one of the most timeless patterns, it’s been around for centuries and will be around for many more. Fall is a welcome time to experiment with this bold look in an unapologetic way.


1. Milliken Magee Plaid  2. Surya Rain  3. Loloi Rugs Tyler  4. Joy Carpets Whimsey Bit o Scotch  5. American Rug Craftsmen Dryden Billings  6. Milliken Shortstop

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