Prepare for Spring with Outdoor/Indoor Rugs

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As spring approaches, bringing with it the rain, slush, and puddles of winter’s thaw, appropriate floor coverings in high-traffic areas become all the more important. And when it comes to preparing for the wet season, outdoor/indoor rugs turn even the simplest entryway into a mudroom!

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Neutral outdoor/indoor rugs are especially versatile; they offer the texture of fibers like jute or sisal, but have water repellant properties that make them easy to clean. Plus with patterns like check, houndstooth, and subtle stripes, you can create a tidy and stylish welcome every time you step in your door!

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Shopping Guide: 1. Natural Outdoor Rug 2. Braided Outdoor Rug 3. Checkered Outdoor Rug 4. Outdoor Houndstooth Rug 5. Black Outdoor Rug

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Decorating with Hide Rugs

Hide Rugs

If you’re looking to add interest to a space but want an alternative to standard floor coverings, be sure to put a hide rug on your list of options. Once just a mainstay of mountain lodges and cowboy movie sets, hides have gone mainstream. Whether your interiors style is modern, traditional, or somewhere in between, they’re a great way to inject texture and subtle, neutral pattern.

Decorating Hide Rugs

There are hide rugs to suit every style and palette. A zebra rug (don’t worry, it’s actually wool!) sets the scene for a glam boudoir or sitting area; cowhide warms up midcentury-inspired rooms; and hides in mottled grey mimic reindeer for a nod to Scandinavian chic. Hides also have the benefit of being easy to clean with a simple shake outside, and they layer well on top of other rugs for a quick change in decor. No chaps and spurs required!

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Shopping Guide: 1. Wool Zebra Rug 2. Tan Cowhide Rug 3. Brown and Beige Hide Rug 4. Black and Grey Hide Rug 5. Spotted Cowhide Rug Image Credits: Fall Ideas & Inspiration on Pinterest

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