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Talking about types of hallways is like talking about different shapes of the human body – wildly variable. The one overarching statement would be that it would be a shame to neglect yours because there are so many ways to showoff each unique space.

The most popular way is likely a gallery wall of family photos or art, and while it’s not terrible, it is expected. Turn this traditional look on its head by adding a picture ledge or two and leaning your frames against the wall instead of hanging them from nails. Bonus: You won’t need to make a new hole in the wall every time you swap out or add to your collection.

Planete Deco

Make a graphic impact by adding your favorite wallpaper to the mix! This look is a great way to make the hallway a focal point, rather than just a corridor to walk through on your way to another room. For smaller areas consider large patterns and a more pared down color palette for a super chic look.

Maine Home Design

Finding the best spot for my ever-growing book collection is always a struggle, but if you’re blessed with a long hallway and wall space the answer is easy. Whether you go for built-ins that look like they’ve always been part of your home or freestanding shelves that can be moved around, you just can’t lose!

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Adding a mirror to any area will instantly make it feel better through illusion, but have you ever thought to add one (or two) to your hallway? My favorite tip is to place a floor length mirror at the end of any hallway to give a look of infinite space. The photo above couldn’t illustrate this more perfectly – you can hardly see the mirror!


If you’re lucky enough to have something other than wall to wall carpeting in your home, treat the flooring in your hallways like any other space and add something underfoot. Carpet runners are ideal and can add so much personality and charm to an area that can be so easily neglected.


For more inspiration from Kelly, follow along with her at Design Crush!

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Boho Runners Done Right

Sabra Lattos Photography
Sabra Lattos via My Domaine

Lately I’ve found myself thinking about all of the long and narrow spaces within the walls of my home that could use a little something before cold weather strikes. Mainly because I don’t want to freeze my toes off walking around on cold nights, but also because those areas are missed opportunities to add even more personality to the decor.

Paige Jones
Paige Jones

When it comes to rugs my personal preference leans in the bohemian direction. I love the colors and patterns associated with the style, not to mention that those patterns generally help hide marks and stains exceptionally well. I have a space similar to the one above between an island and a wall of cabinets in my kitchen. The small rug I have in place now is perfect for summer, when cool wood floors feel oh-so-good underfoot, but I’d like to add something more for the later months. A runner is the perfect size and some bold color wouldn’t go unnoticed once the outside world goes grey.

Kate Marker Interiors

There’s a small hallway between the entry into my house and the kitchen that I’d love to layer up. I already have a beautiful rug laid in front of the door, but am entertaining the idea of overlaying a runner that would lead you into the next room directly on top. If ever there’s a time to take advantage of the tiered look it’s this time of year!

Wiff Harmer Photography

I’m out to conquer the common misconception that you can’t place a floor rug on top of wall to wall. That’s right, you can! My upstairs hallway is covered in the stuff, beige no less. A pretty boho runner full of deep tones and pattern is just begging to be put down to liven the space up. It will also make that early morning walk to the shower just a little more interesting!


1. Safavieh Adirondack in silver and black  2. Surya Banshee in cherry, hot pink, and mauve  3. Safavieh Cambridge in navy blue and ivory  4. Surya Jewel Tone in midnight blue, persimmon, and hibiscus  5. Surya Jute in natural bleached  6. Surya Scarborough in charcoal, olive, rust, and cherry

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The Most Popular Interiors of 2014

With the new year on its way, we wanted to take a look back at some of the most popular interiors of 2014 according to you — our followers. We scoured our Pinterest page and found 15 of the most pinned interiors of the year. Enjoy!


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Minimal Kitchen

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Yellow Bedroom

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Blue Rug

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Southwest Entry

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Serene Living Room

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Suzani Bedroom

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Living Room

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Script Rug

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Neutral Living Room

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Via: Domino

Which room is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!


How to Decorate a Hallway that Pops


A hallway, whether in the entry of your home, or simply connecting rooms, doesn’t have to be a neglected space. In fact, I think that hallways can be some of the most exciting spaces to decorate! Their small size and the fact that you pass through them quickly means that bolder decorating choices make sense here. So even if you might shy away from bold color, patterned rugs, or glam wallpaper in the rest of your home, giving it a go in the hall is a great way to get your feet wet. With its bold, trellis print wallpaper, star-shaped pendant light, and sconce lighting, the entry hall shown above is a great example of what can be done even in a limited space.


When planning your hallway design makeover, think first about color. A really rich hue looks fantastic in a small or narrow hall. Here, a vibrant blue hints at the color of the sky — perfect when you want to bring a sense of lightness to a fully enclosed space.


Another piece to consider is artwork — why not try layering artwork hung gallery-style over a bold wallpaper? Anchor the arrangement with a low bench, and you can turn even a sliver of space into a useful spot to sit and take off shoes.


Or, for a fun twist, try using chalkboard paint to create your own massive chalkboard wall. Perfect for budding artists of all ages! In the modern Eichler home shown here, the crisp white walls and chalkboard panels are set off by a bright runner that really makes the space pop.


If glamour is more your cup of tea, try painting your hallway walls a soft, dusty blue-gray hue and add decorative molding trim in crisp white. SIlver, glass, mirrored, or Lucite accents ramp up the glam factor, and a plush runner underfoot provides the finishing touch.


Still can’t decide what to do? You can’t go wrong with a classic look like the one shown here! Soft, neutral beige walls with white trim are elegant and understated, a natural fiber rug underfoot provides texture, and antique wood furniture brings a sense of history to the space.


Like one of these looks? If modern (no.1) is your thing, try jazzing up that chalkboard wall with a bright runner — we love this yellow one from Safavieh. Looking to recreate the glamorous (no.2) look with a soft blue color palette? Roll out a luxe blue rug to match your palette. And if classic style (no.3) is what you crave, a runner in the neutral family will fit in seamlessly with your treasured antiques.

So, which look is your favorite? Share which room inspires you the most in the Comments section!

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Taupe runner: Safavieh Vintage in Taupe; Turquoise runner: Safavieh Vintage in Turquoise; Yellow runner: Safavieh Cambridge in Gold and Ivory.

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From top to bottom: BHGDomino Magazine (two photos); Yama+Mar DesignDomino Magazine (two photos).

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