Get The Look–Artful Kids Room

Sawyer Benson kids room
When I saw this kids room while scrolling through Pinterest I had to stop and investigate further. Such a gorgeous space designed by Sawyer Berson — I love how they framed the children’s art as the focal point for the wall. It’s so personal, playful and colorful. Tengemoonbaco With a light pink and white base in the room, the colorful work pops right off the wall.
Want to get the look? Start with a light pink patterned rug and an ivory bookcase. Putting the bookcase between two beds also serves as a night stand and will conveniently hold all the books for reading before bedtime. Add some color to the beds with a poppy striped pillow and a palm green pillow. For extra warmth and possible tent-making add a white throw, and store it in a round ottoman where other toys could be stored as well. And if you don’t have any artwork from the kids to frame, this Life is a Beach II image by Mary Calkins is a colorful alternative.
Photo credits: Sawyer Berson
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Bright & Bold–Get This Chic Office Look

alex liz office - get the look
Always one to admire chic office spaces, I was excited to see the Chicago office of Liz of the blog Sequins & Stripes and Alex of A.K. Studio featured on The Glitter Guide recently. The ladies were able to accomplish a chic and inviting space that is full of personality. They combined rug layering and lots of art into their white walls to make the place feel personal to them.

Simply by adding a few decor pieces to your office space you can achieve a chic and personal feel that doesn’t feel like you are in cube city. Adding a rug, art, and pillows are a great way to bring your personality into your workspace.

Get Alex & Liz’s Look:

Bring in art that inspires you. Mix different styles, like a gorgeous floral and lettering.

A neutral desk and chair will be vital when you want to change your decor because they will always go with any new decor you pick out.

Whether it’s for lower back support or just another pop of color, a pillow on your chair is a must.

Office Image credit:
Image of Alex and Liz’s office via Glitter Guide, photo by Heather Talbert

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Rugs Inspired by Kate Spade’s Madison Ave. Collection

Home trends are usually influenced by fashion trends, although they usually take a few years to trickle down from fashion into home decor. Being one to always be inspired by the new fashion trends, I took at look at Kate Spade’s newest collection, the Madison Ave. Diagridelernar . Collection, and found some rugs inspired by some of the looks from the collection.

Multi Color
This Capri Necklace was the first item from the collection to jump out at me. Bright colors and grapic shapes — I’m in love. When I found this multi-colored studio leather rug, I couldn’t have found a better match!
You can’t go wrong with navy and white. It’s always a classic color combination. The bold simplicity in both the Hallis Dress and the Dhurrie Rug make a statement.
Spring always means florals whether you add them to your wardrobe with this Monroe Place Floral Bag or your home with this Infinity rug.
Margie Top
Want to stand out? Add a high contrast pattern to your floors or closet. A black and white rug or this Margie top will do the trick.
Dying for spring? Me too! Be ready for it whenever it shows up with a little light pink. Both this shaggy pink rug and this ruffled Walker top add texture as well.
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Light Pink is Having A Moment

Sometimes colors will come up in fashion trends that are completely unexpected. Light pink, this season, is that surprise color for me. Usually a popular color in the spring along with all of the other pastels, light pink made an early debut this year — specifically in coats, sweaters, and anything furry. Why not pull this fashion trend into your home with a rug or a pillow?

Light Pink Trend

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