Defining a Mini Library

Livet Hemma
Livet Hemma

The moment you set foot inside my home, you know I’m a book lover. They’re everywhere. On shelves and benches in the living room and entryway, stacked on my dresser, and even more hidden inside boxes in the attic. While there’s nothing more I’d love than to have an entire room as a dedicated library, I satisfy my need to display books by creating little nooks full of them here and there. Long after being read, your favorite books can serve other purposes – two large stacks of mine even bring the television up to eye-level on top of a low console, and I love how the Ikea desk above replaces one side’s legs with a tower.

Surrey Homes
Surrey Homes

This glass-fronted armoire makes for the perfect book nook, keeping your tomes protected and in full view at the same time. A bonus that any book lover will surely appreciate is that they’d also be kept dust-free! Wouldn’t a wall of three or four mismatched armoires filled to the brim with books make for a beautiful compact library that makes a statement? The wheels are turning…

Vaaleanpunainen Hirsitalo
Vaaleanpunainen Hirsitalo

If lots and lots of books aren’t your thing but you’d like to hang onto and show off your favorites, then this idea might be the one for you – a slim but sturdy set of shelves turned on its side. Fill the cubbies with the books and magazines you already own, then add to it as your collection grows! When the shelves fill up make freeform book stacks on top of the piece and create a real focal point of the room it sits in.


If coffee table books are more the type of library you want to create, consider taking shelves of any type out of the equation. Fill your empty fireplace and display their spines, stack them on the floor against an empty wall and create your own art installation, or consider filling a bar cart to make a makeshift library on wheels. Any little nook or cranny in your home can become a mini library with a little creativity.

Elle Decor Espana
Elle Decor España

As can any piece of deep furniture house some of your collection – a desk, a console table, an armchair, an end table. Not every book needs to be in the same place if you don’t have the room for it and you can think out of the box. Help define your mini library space by adding a rug, some of my latest favorites are shown below:


1/ Kaleen Rachael Ray Highline   2/ Company C Handwoven Chromatic Plaid
3/ Surya Mountain   4/ Company C Hand Tufted Diamond Lattice
5/ Karastan Cosmopolitan French Affair   6/ Surya Jax

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