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Sometimes our homes call on us to be more creative than usual. Whether it’s due to a lack of space or a lack of furnishings, when the bell tolls we comb through the file folders in our minds and answer. And one of the more common issues that I’ve come across is seating at the dining table.

I’m starting way outside the box from the get-go with stools and end tables. When you’re looking to pull up a few more seats look around at what you’ve already got nearby. Most of the aforementioned are a perfect height for a dining table and guests will think you’re wildly ingenious (which, of course, you are!).

Bruce Buck

The idea of adding a bench on one side of your dining room table in place of two chairs has been growing in popularity for some time now, and it’s been growing on me as well. What I really like about it – aside from the aesthetic look – is that you can squeeze an extra person in on that side with hardly any compromise.

Ashley Poskin

Adding sheepskins or cushions to a melange of “whatever you’ve already got” around the table is an easy way of unifying it all. Record crates, stacks of large coffee table books – so long as it’s moderately sturdy it will do just fine. You can even use your coffee table as a stand-in bench!

Esteban Cortez

This is one of my favorites – having an extra piece of small seating that lives in the same room, but that doesn’t have to be used at the table. Pull the table and chairs a bit away from this vintage settee and you have an extra seating area, but leave as is and you can magically seat six. Super functional decorating at work!

Kim Lucian

If you’re thinking ahead for a specific event you can bring in temporary seating that’s both cheap and innovative. You’ve likely seen hay bales used outdoors, but check out the above and see how great they can work indoors as well. You could also use stacked pallets with cushions or benches created out of cement blocks and two by fours.

The Selby

There’s also the option of going entirely bohemian and taking it all to the floor. Move all of the furniture in your living room against the walls and throw all of the pillows on the rug. You and your guests can spread out and enjoy!


For more inspiration from Kelly, follow along with her at Design Crush!

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