Setting The Foundation with Rugs

Much like your home has a foundation, your room does as well. Set a solid foundation with a rug. It sets the tone and defines your space. They come in every color, pattern and many different shapes and sizes. So if rugs are so diverse, why begin here? Let’s dig in with these helpful tips.

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COLOR. Whether you like muted tones or bodacious bold colors, let your rug do the talking for that pop of color. You might think necessary pieces like sofas and tables may come first, but ask yourself this, “What crazy sofa color am I going to design around?” Chances are beige, cream, navy, gray, or black. Am I right? Ok, maybe throw in red or turquoise if you’re really shaking things up.

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Go ahead, get crazy with the rug color. It’s easy to swap out when you’re ready for a change, and much more practical on your wallet.

PATTERN. Not only do rugs come in every color, but also every pattern. Serious floor flair will kick your space up a notch. Personally, this is where I tend to get tripped up if I don’t start with the rug as my foundation.

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From a beautiful hand knot to funky graphics to Moroccan casual, a rug will set the tone of your space. If you lean on the traditional side, look at our oriental rugs or a muted damask. Want a boho feel with a pop of color? Try an over dyed rug in turquoise or fuschia. Feeling casual beachy? Our nautical rugs are exactly what you need to make you feel ocean side even if you live in Nebraska.

SIZE. When it comes to rugs, size matters. Measure your seating area first and take into account any weird corners, stairs, or fireplace.

If you’re asking yourself, “Should I go bigger”?, the answer is almost always yes. Yes a smaller rug costs less, but trust me, go big or go home. You don’t need your guests whispering, “Honey, You Shrunk The Rug” during your next cocktail party. If you have a rug that you must have, but you know full well that it’s too small, go for the layered look.

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If possible, you want all four legs of your furniture on the rug, but if your room is in the #smallspacesquad just float it. Whichever you choose, be consistent. Try your best to have either all legs on or all legs off.

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Are you ready to start shopping? Go ahead! Define your space, set the foundation to your room, and let your personality shine. By following these helpful tips, you’ll find the best rug to fit your style.

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Work-at-Home Chic

Whether you work from home full-time, once a week, or simply want a corner to call your own where you can blog and be creative, having a lovely home office space will help you get the job done in style. And the best part about setting up a workspace at home? It doesn’t have to look the least bit office-y!

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Take the lovely, sunny space shown above for example: I know I wouldn’t mind spending all day working here, what about you?! If you have an entire room to devote to your office, this is also an excellent example of how to use the space – an extra-large desk floating in the center of the room rather than pushed against a wall allows light to flow in and around your workspace, and offers a much more pleasant view. This is also a good setup if you ever take client meetings in your home, because you can easily pull up a few chairs on the other side. A tray keeps desk accessories neat and tidy, and a cozy flatweave rug and throw bring some warmth to the space.

Work At Home Chic2.jpg

Go ahead and make your workspace a place that you LOVE and that puts a big smile on your face…after all, why not love where you work? A grid of simple bulletin boards from the office supply store can easily become an inspiring mood board when covered with your favorite bits of inspiration and magazine tear sheets. Or hang an inspiring + motivating message above your desk in the form of a removable decal or wooden sign. Fresh greenery, cut flowers, a scented candle, and a comfy chair and pillow will round out your space and make it your own.

Want to add big color to your workspace without painting the walls? Take a cue from this deliciously bright office and prop up an oversize canvas behind your desk – either purchased or DIY-ed, a great big piece of art is the quickest way to add style to a room. Style tip: pick up the hues from your artwork in the rug you choose to roll out underfoot for a polished, put together look.

And if you don’t have even a corner to spare for a dedicated home office, who’s to say you can’t simply take over the dining room? Making this space work overtime is a great excuse to give it a revamp with fresh and fun wallpaper, a new rug, and some really cool chairs. After all, if you work on a laptop anyway, you can plug into any room in the house!

One of the best things about working from home is being able to surround yourself with cozy comforts, and there’s no better way to do that than with a lovely rug. Above you can see four of my favorite rugs for a home workspace, from a simply gorgeous natural fiber, to bright and cheerful blue or yellow, and always-chic navy and white. Designing a work-at-home space just begs for a little extra dose of style, so choose with your heart and go for the look that really inspires you.


Shopping Guide: 1. Jaipur Rugs Naturals Lucia Marvy rug in natural beige; 2. Feizy Rugs Harlow rug in teal; 3. Jaipur Rugs Urban Bungalow Farid rug in white and butter; 4. Surya Frontier rug in navy and cream.

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Bright as Sunshine

There is no happier color than yellow, don’t even try to convince me of it. Sunshine, flowers, butter. So have you ever thought of – or have you ever – had it hang out in your home?

I love the idea of having one statement making piece of furniture in a bold color. It would be the ideal fix for a piece that is in desperate need of a little update or one you picked up at a garage sale and aren’t quite sure what do with to make it yours.
 Farrow & Ball

Or maybe you have a more permanent feature in your space that could use a little kick. The goldenrod yellow radiator above almost takes on the feel of a piece of art in its new hue, especially against that beautiful navy wall.

Armelle Habib

I can’t help but smile when looking at these yellow chairs! Actually everything about this entire setup is a dream, but I digress. There are plenty of yellow dining chairs readily available, or you could just as easily paint a set of your own. Wouldn’t a mismatched set look fantastic? The yellow would unite them in such a fun way.

Frenchy Fancy

A slightly more involved project would be something like these show-stopping kitchen cabinets. Don’t you love the way they pop against al of that stainless steel and grey? Because I do. This would be a fun update for older cabinets, in fact I’m thinking of something similar for my own.

sam gilbert

I’m planning on ripping the carpet off of my stairs in the near future and this photo has been major inspiration. A coat of paint on a stairway can be a fairly easy job, provided there’s no hidden repair work lying underneath. And this yellow just calls for feet running up and down them!


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