Refresh Your Home for Spring

When the short, dark days of winter are over, you can practically hear the collective sigh of relief … spring is here, hooray! Why not take advantage of the natural boost in energy and positivity you feel at the start of spring to refresh your home? A bit of cleaning, clutter clearing, and decorating, and your home will be feeling fresh and new.

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It’s best to do the cleaning and decluttering steps before moving onto decorating, because in the process of clearing things out you will find fresh new ways to use your old things.

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Photo credits: Real Simple, Ikea, Shira Gill.

Step 1: Clean. To make cleaning chores more pleasant, I think it’s so important to use tools you really like, like a cheerful vintage enamel bucket and natural fiber brushes. Also, there’s really no need to use the harshest cleaning products on the market – choose some natural products that smell great, and you won’t dread cleaning. Remove dust from window ledges, baseboards, and blinds, clean the floors, shine up mirrors and windows, and launder small washable rugs and cushion covers.

Step 2: Declutter. Clearing clutter can make your space feel larger and lighter. This is an essential step to work through before moving on to decorating, because sometimes simply having less stuff in your home can make it feel so much better, you realize you don’t need a thing!

Step 3: Decorate. Once your space is fresh, clean, and clutter free, it’s time to look around and consider what small tweaks would make the biggest impact to update your home for the season. For spring, consider lighter rugs, floaty white curtains, or new pillow covers in fun prints. And of course you can never go wrong with flowers – pick up a bouquet and divide it up between small vases to place in each room.

Step 4: Enjoy! When your work is done, sit down with something yummy to drink and a good book or fresh magazine, light a few candles, and savor your beautiful space.

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Rug Shopping Guide (clockwise from top left): Lotta Jansdotter for Surya TextilaAmer Rugs ElanaLotta Jansdotter for Surya Textila in Cobalt and MossGenevieve Gorder Spear collection in beige and blue.

What are you planning to refresh in your home this spring?

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