Home Resolutions for a New Year

With the New Year’s Day coming right around the corner, this seems like the perfect time to consider a few resolutions for making a fresh start around the house in the new year. Read on for my top 5 home resolution ideas for 2017…


1. Create a cozy reading nook. I love nothing more than to curl up with a good book, but all too often, I don’t make the time to do this. A solution? Creating a lovely, cozy, soft spot to curl up with a great read. Positioning an overstuffed armchair or chaise beside a sunny window, with shelves of books within reach, should make taking that reading break utterly irresistible.

Urban OutfittersUrban Outfitters via Apartment 34

2. Declutter + simplify wardrobe. There has been a lot written online lately about capsule and minimalist wardrobes. I say, it doesn’t matter so much what you call it (or how ‘minimalist’ you are); what really matters is winnowing down your wardrobe until you only have pieces in your closet that fit your body, your lifestyle, and make you feel filled with joy when you wear them.

Life CapturedLife: Captured

3. Organize and print digital photos. This is such a big one, and I’m committing to make it happen in 2017! With so many of us using digital photos these days, it can be really easy to let precious photographs languish on the laptop. Use an online service to make creating + ordering photo books a breeze, and get caught up. It will feel so good when you’re done! Tip: order all of your albums or photo books from one source, so they look cohesive on your shelf.


4. Reorganize the pantry. Toss out old, expired, and unloved products, and organize what’s left with matching containers and neat labels. This year, I’m making it a goal to bake with my son after school more often, so a set of nice jars to store ingredients close at hand would make a lovely (and helpful) addition to our kitchen.

Gillian StevensGillian Stevens via Anne Sage

5. Update household linens. Swapping out old, threadbare, and faded towels for fresh versions is a quick and easy way to make your whole house feel a bit fresher and updated. I love the thin (yet very absorbent) Turkish fouta towels in various sizes for all different purposes – we use smaller ones as tea towels in the kitchen and hand towels in the bath, and larger ones as guest bath towels. The largest ones can even stand in for a tablecloth or beach blanket in a pinch! And of course, classic, fluffy white bath towels are a perennial favorite – who doesn’t love wrapping up in one after a bath?

Rugs Direct Rugs

Rug shopping guide (clockwise from top left): Capel Genevieve Gorder Elsinore in Blueberry; Capel Genevieve Gorder Jagges Stripe in Steel Grey; Capel Genevieve Gorder Elsinore Mandala in Blueberry; Jaipur Rugs Luli Sanchez Chalay in Whitecap Gray and Blue.


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Neutral Rugs To Keep Your Home Cozy

Owning a fixer upper is a big undertaking, especially when every room will eventually need to be renovated! My upcoming project will be the bedroom. I want the room to feel comfy and cozy, with a spa-like feel. I’ve decided to keep the color palette neutral and subdued to help achieve this look. The room also tends to get pretty chilly during the winter, so I’ve been researching ways to keep the room cozy without adding an unsightly space heater. One great way is to add a well-constructed rug to help insulate the room. There are some truly great options like a wool area rug or a silk area rug — here are my favorite styles in each category!

Cozy Neutral Rugs

Wool is a natural fibre that is fantastic for keeping your feet warm, especially in a bedroom. I love that a wool rug is traditional, but comes in a multitude of modern, updated formats as well. This fabrication also works especially well when it comes to embracing a neutral color palette. The wool fibers have a matte look, which helps the rug look more elevated.

A few of my favorite options:

Couristan Bromley Jakarta rug

Surya Anchorage rug

Surya Berkley rug

Surya Papyrus rug

Cozy Neutral Rugs 2

Not many people realize this, but silk is another amazing material with insulation properties. Believe it or not, silk can keep you quite warm! I even have a silk-filled duvet for those cold winter nights. A silk rug will definitely be a higher price point, but the gorgeous, elevated sheen of the fiber cannot be ignored. The look is also a little bit more traditional, which encourages a fun mix-and-match look for styles.

A few of my favorite options:

Nourison beige rug

Nourison silk elements rug

Nourison silk elements rug

Capel Williamsburg Linc rug

Which option is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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Savoring the Seasons: Winter

There is a quiet beauty to winter – when snow falls, the world outside seems hushed and magical, while indoors we stay cozy with hot drinks and crackling fires. I didn’t always love winter, but I have come to appreciate the deep rest that winter provides. It’s natural to gravitate to the hearth and home at this time of year, and focus on the simple pleasures that make living worthwhile.

Most of my winter inspiration I gather from the Scandinavian countries, where they have made this whole cozy-winter-living thing an art form. There is even a word for it in Danish, hygge (pronounced hue-gah), which, roughly translated, means enjoying a warm and cozy time with family and friends, often with cake and a hot drink. Sounds delightful!

This winter, bring more of the Scandinavian sense of coziness and hygge to your home by embracing simple decorations like fresh greenery, small trees, paper stars, soft throws in warm neutral hues, cozy rugs and faux-sheepskins, and lots (and lots!) of candles.

There’s a reason the color white is so popular in Scandinavian interiors: it brightens homes during those long, cold, dark winters. And when paired with warm, textural accents in natural materials, fresh greenery pulled from outdoors, and the twinkle of fairy lights and the soft glow of candles, the effect is nothing short of magical.

Here’s wishing you a cozy, magical, and very hygge holiday season!

Super-cute rugs for a Scandinavian-inspired winter home (clockwise from top left): Surya Nestle rug in cream; Artistic Weavers Hilda rug in white and black; Capel Genevieve Gorder Scandinavian Stripe in natural and blue; Artistic Weavers Sheep in beige.

Photos: Carina Olander photography for Lantliv via My Scandinavian Home

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Luxe Velvets in the Home

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Cold weather just begs for luxurious, weighty fabrics and nothing does both jobs quite like velvet. The soft texture all but asks to be caressed and lounged upon, doesn’t it? Luxe velvet has been popping up everywhere as an interior trend for the past few months. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful sofas in every color of the rainbow, but what if you’re not quite ready for that level of commitment?


Let’s start in one of my favorite places – accessories. Particularly throw pillows that can be used in either the bedroom or living room. I like buying pieces that are versatile, so if you’re not feeling them on the couch you can just relocate them to the bed or an arm chair or a bench. It’s all about finding the right location.

Jonas Ingerstedt

If I didn’t have pets (and pet hair) I’d own a velvet duvet in a heartbeat! Just imagine snuggling up under this heavy, luxurious cover during chilly nights and long weekend mornings. Velvet brings such great texture to whatever space it’s in that you’d need little else in the way of bed decor. And don’t even get me started on that green, always a favorite hue in this fabric!

via Interior Break

Heavy velvet curtains remind me of period dramas like Little Women and (of course) Gone with the Wind! They actually help keep the warm in and the cold out come winter, as well as act as their own sort of blackout shade when closed all the way. Gorgeous.

Johanna Bradford

These chairs in the prettiest shade of dusty rose have me rethinking my own dining room setup. I love how they introduce a new texture to the space that mainly relies on naturals – wood, greenery, glass – and instantly adds a level of chic. You could do the same with the addition of an arm chair or bench in any room of your home.

Soft fabrics make all the difference when we’re craving warmth and comfort – especially underfoot!

Rugs Direct Luxe Velvets

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