Part IV: Rug + Room

Inside Out

Sometimes a room can be styled to the nines and a little something still seems to be missing. That’s when I like to play a little mix and match game called Room + Rug where I take beautiful rooms and pair them up with equally stunning floor rugs. First up is this light and bright dining nook full of natural woods and greenery. I’d love to inject a dose of pattern and color while keeping to the same tones already present, and Jaipur Rugs’ Anatolia Kaleidoscope has just the right mix of jewel tones and pattern to make the space feel amped up a notch.

Anouska Hempel Design

The view above is obviously all the beauty that room needs, but what about a little something to enhance it? The simple, classic stripes in the Safavieh Navajo Kilim in blue and ivory play nicely off of the watery landscape outside those killer balcony doors and doesn’t compete with the minimal look that seems to be the goal.

Fantastic Frank

Talk about the dreamiest, moodiest bedroom! This space already has texture and personality going for it in a myriad of ways — that duvet! that plant! that mirror! I’d accent it all with one of my favorite floor rugs, the Surya Jewel Tone in midnight blue, persimmon, and hibiscus. The patterns make it seem as though it’s another large piece of art in the room.

Rory Gardiner

I’m head over heels for this industrial warehouse space — between those incredible windows and the high ceilings, it would be a challenge to make it look bad. But let’s take this space to the next level with an unexpected hit of bold color with this Jaipur Rugs Urban Bungalow Doha under the dining table. It will act as a focal point in the room as well as a bright spot to break up the otherwise monotone palette.

Erin Michael

The mixing and matching also extends to the outdoors. This summer I welcomed indoor/outdoors rugs onto my backyard deck and the world may never be the same. I can imagine spending hours lounging, working, and entertaining in this space, and what would take it over the top is some added texture underfoot. The Trans Ocean Imports Toulouse has a sophisticated look to go right alongside those bold graphic stripes and oodles of bamboo.

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